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J. Vincent Edwards during the Grand Gala du Disque in Amsterdam in 1970

J. Vincent Edwards (born 20 June 1947)[1] is a British singer. He became well known in the musical Hair in 1968, and began recording a series of singles.[2] The most notable was a song called "Thanks" (1969), which has subsequently appeared on a number of compilation albums.[3] Edwards also contributed to the Bloomfield soundtrack.[4]

Later Edwards turned to song writing. With Pierre Tubbs he wrote "Right Back Where We Started From", which was a No. 2 hit in the UK Singles Chart for Maxine Nightingale in May 1976.[5] In addition, Edwards wrote songs with Miki Antony and Kris Ife.[6]

Edwards was also a part of the trio Star Turn on 45 (Pints), who had a UK hit with "Pump Up the Bitter" in 1988.[7] He released a solo album entitled Thanks in 2002.[8]

Partial singles discography[edit]

  • "Does Goodnight Mean Goodbye" (1963)
  • "Thanks" (1969)
  • "Who Are My Friends" (1970)
  • "(Sha La La La La) Shangri-La" (1971)
  • "Love Hit Me" (1976)
  • "Hands Off" (1980)[2]


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