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The JAF Grand Prix (JAFグランプリ?) is an auto race held in Japan by the Japan Automobile Federation.


The original JAF Grand Prix was set up in year 1969 as to promoting Formula Car events in Japan, which was the highest ranked race other than the Japanese Grand Prix. The first race in 1969 was a Formula Libre event and was won by Australian driver Leo Geoghegan driving an ex-Jim Clark Lotus 39-Repco V8. The 1970 race was won by reigning Formula One World Champion Jackie Stewart driving a Brabham-Ford.

Then, after the brief suspension between 1971–1973 due to scandal, it was used as a pointed round in Formula 2000, Formula Two, and Formula Pacific events until 1986. Between year 1988 and 1990, it was named as a round of the All Japan Sports Prototype Championship. Since then the JAF Grand Prix was not held for 20 years.

In 2010 year, JAF Grand Prix was revived by JAF, named as 'JAF Grand Prix and Fuji Sprint Cup representing the venue, as a non-title race for the Formula Nippon and Super GT series as a season closer of both. The series is eligible for teams which participated 5 rounds in the respective series. A different rule set is used in JAFGP compared to their regular season.

  • The JAF GP consists of six separate races in 2010, and five races in 2011. Which two each for Super GT's GT500 class and GT300 class, and one(two in 2010) in Formula Nippon. The race distance is about 100 km, less than half of the normal race distance in regular season. Mandatory pit stop is not required in any races.
  • For Formula Nippon, the qualifying result of second race in 2010 was decided by top speed (measured at the end of straight) rather than lap time. In 2011 race it was changed with score, which determined by the top speed plus the time converted as points.
  • For Super GT, each of the two drivers in the team are driving themselves on a separated race.
  • Successive ballast, like final round in regular season, is not applied on Super GT participants. In addition, standing start, instead of rolling start is used in JAF GP races.
  • Titles are given separately on Formula Nippon, GT500 and GT300 participants, depends from the overall result in respective races.

In 2014 the non-Championship Fuji Sprint Cup was dropped. Instead, JAF Grand Prix is retained and named as a round of Super Formula.

Winners of the JAF Grand Prix[edit]

Fuji Sprint Cup (2010–2013)[edit]

Year Category Driver Vehicle
Super Formula Japan Yuji Kunimoto SF13-Toyota RV8K
GT500 Japan Toshihiro Kaneishi
Japan Koudai Tsukakoshi
Honda HSV-010 GT
GT300 Japan Katsuyuki Hiranaka
Sweden Björn Wirdheim
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3
Formula Nippon Japan Takuya Izawa FN09-Honda HR12E
GT500 Japan Yuji Tachikawa
Japan Kohei Hirate
Lexus SC430
GT300 Japan Masami Kageyama
Japan Tomonobu Fujii
Porsche 911 GT3-R
Formula Nippon Brazil João Paulo de Oliveira FN09-Toyota RV8K
GT500 Japan Masataka Yanagida
Italy Ronnie Quintarelli
Nissan GT-R
GT300 Japan Nobuteru Taniguchi
Japan Taku Bamba
2010 Formula Nippon Germany André Lotterer FN09-Toyota RV8K
GT500 Japan Daisuke Ito
Sweden Björn Wirdheim
Lexus SC430
GT300 Japan Katsuyuki Hiranaka
Japan Tetsuya Tanaka
Ferrari F430 GT2

Group C Events (1988–1990)[edit]

Year Driver Constructor Class Location
1990 Japan Masanori Sekiya
Japan Hitoshi Ogawa
Toyota Group C Fuji
1989 Australia Vern Schuppan
Sweden Eje Elgh
Japan Keiji Matsumoto
Porsche Group C Fuji
1988 Japan Hideki Okada
Sweden Stanley Dickens
Porsche Group C Fuji

Formula Events (1969–1990, 2014)[edit]

Year Driver Constructor Class Location
2014 Japan Kazuki Nakajima PETRONAS Team TOM'S Super Formula Suzuka
1986 Japan Kazuyoshi Hoshino March-Honda Formula Two Suzuka
1985 Japan Satoru Nakajima March-Honda Formula Two Suzuka
1984 Japan Satoru Nakajima March-Honda Formula Two Suzuka
1983 United Kingdom Geoff Lees March-Honda Formula Two Suzuka
Japan Satoru Nakajima March-Honda Formula Two1 Suzuka
Japan Kazuyoshi Hoshino Ralt-Nissan Formula Pacific1
Japan Satoru Nakajima March-Honda Formula Two1 Suzuka
Japan Masahiro Hasemi March-Nissan Formula Pacific1
Japan Kazuyoshi Hoshino March-BMW Formula Two1 Suzuka
Japan Masahiro Hasemi March-Nissan Formula Pacific1
1, 2
Japan Kazuyoshi Hoshino March-BMW Formula Two1 Suzuka2
Japan Kenji Takahashi Nova-Nissan Formula Pacific1
Japan Keiji Matsumoto March-BMW Formula Two1 Fuji2
Japan Takao Wada March-Nissan Formula Pacific1
Japan Kunimitsu Takahashi Kojima-BMW Formula Two Suzuka2
Japan Kenji Takahashi Nova-BMW Formula Two Fuji2
1977 Italy Riccardo Patrese Chevron-BMW Formula 2000 Suzuka
Japan Kazuyoshi Hoshino Nova-BMW Formula 2000 Fuji
1976 Japan Noritake Takahara Nova-BMW Formula 2000 Fuji
1975 Japan Kazuyoshi Hoshino March-BMW Formula 2000 Suzuka
1974 Japan Noritake Takahara March-BMW Formula 2000 Suzuka

Not held
1970 United Kingdom Jackie Stewart Brabham-Ford Formula Libre Fuji
1969 Australia Leo Geoghegan Lotus-Repco Formula Libre Fuji


1.^ – The grand prix had been awarded for winners of two classes (Formula Two and Formula Pacific) per event from 1979 to 1982.
2.^ – Two events were held in a year in 1978 and 1979.

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