JAG (season 7)

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JAG (season 7)
Starring David James Elliott
Catherine Bell
Patrick Labyorteaux
John M. Jackson
Scott Lawrence
Zoe McLellan
Karri Turner
Trevor Goddard
Nanci Chambers
Randy Vasquez
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 24
Original network CBS
Original release September 25, 2001 (2001-09-25) – May 21, 2002 (2002-05-21)
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List of JAG episodes

The seventh season of JAG premiered on CBS on September 25, 2001, and concluded on May 21, 2002. The season, starring David James Elliott and Catherine Bell, was produced by Belisarius Productions in association with CBS Productions.


Commander Harmon Rabb, Jr. (David James Elliott), a Georgetown graduate and former Naval aviator, is assigned to the Navy's Judge Advocate General Corps alongside Marine Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie (Catherine Bell), a squared away officer with a dysfunctional past. This season, Mac waits anxiously for news of Harm, who has been lost at sea ("Adrift"), before requesting an assignment away from JAG ("New Gun in Town"), while Commander Sturgis Turner (Scott Lawrence) joins the team. Also, Harm defends a Major accused of homicide ("Measure of Men") and a Marine is accused of rape ("Guilt"), Mac is awarded the Meritorious Service Medal ("Mixed Messages"), Harm faces disbarment ("Redemption"), and six Marines are killed in an ambush ("Ambush"). Later, the team run a marathon ("Jagathon"), The CAG (Terry O'Quinn) comes out of retirement ("Dog Robber"), and Jennifer Coates (Zoe McLellan) is assigned Harm as legal counsel ("Answered Prayers"), before Harm and Mac go up against the Admiral (John M. Jackson) at a tribunal, and Bud (Patrick Labyorteaux) is injured in Afghanistan ("Enemy Below").


During its seventh season, JAG began to show " a surprising resurgence", with the season premiere achieving "the second-highest ratings in [the series'] seven-year history". Series creator Donald P. Bellisario "credits the national wave of patriotism for part of the show’s new strength. ”People are tuning in to get some insight into what the military is all about," he says. "We show the positive and the negative, but we also give respect to those officers who lay it on the line." Lead actor David James Elliott, who portrays hunky lawyer Cmdr. Harmon Rabb in the Navy’s Judge Advocate General’s office, agrees. "In the past, people thought the show was all about the military and just decided that they didn’t like it," says Elliott. "The fact that we’re feeling more favorably about our military can only help."[1]

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No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
135 1 "Adrift (Part II)" Bradford May Dana Coen & Stephen Zito September 25, 2001 135
Harm is rescued and Skates revives him in sick bay. His rescue is complicated by amnesia and Mac makes a choice not to set another wedding date. Mic moves out of her apartment, feeling that their relationship is failing. Skates visits Harm at Bethesda Naval Hospital and tells him that she is returning to the fleet. Mac visits Harm at home and they try again to discuss their relationship. Mic rings and tells Mac that he feels that she has made her choice and that he is going back to Australia. Mac follows him to the Dulles airport and just misses him. She phones Harm in tears and he asks her come back to his apartment. However, Renee beats her to it, with the news that her (Renee's) father has died. Harm tells Mac that they can't talk now and she is left in the alley alone, as rain starts to fall.
136 2 "New Gun in Town" Terrence O'Hara Stephen Zito October 2, 2001 136
Mac requests an assignment away from JAG HQ and Harm's Naval Academy classmate, Commander Sturgis Turner, a submariner-turned-lawyer arrives at JAG. Mac's first case is to investigate the disappearance of the JAG officer on the vessel to which she and Gunny are assigned.
137 3 "Measure of Men" Bradford May Dana Coen October 9, 2001 137
When Harm is assigned to defend a Major accused of negligent homicide during a training exercise in bad weather, Mac is forced to confront the feelings from which she is running.
138 4 "Guilt" Greg Beeman David Ehrman October 16, 2001 138
During the transfer of a Marine accused of rape from Indonesian to U.S. custody, the U.S. consulate comes under siege and the Marine NCO in charge is killed. Mac, the senior officer present, provides leadership and leads the evacuation of US citizens before the consulate is overrun. Singer gets on Harm's bad side by attacking Harriet during a trial of a Navy SEAL who killed a dangerous passenger on an airline.
139 5 "Mixed Messages" Scott Brazil Nan Hagan October 23, 2001 139
A friend of Harm who worked at Naval Security Group (cryptography) is killed and evidence indicates that he was passing secrets to the Chinese. Mac is awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for her TAD assignment. Meanwhile, she continues to search for a young Indonesian girl whom she befriended during the consulate siege. Guest-star: Gabrielle Carteris.
140 6 "Redemption" James Whitmore, Jr. David Ehrman October 30, 2001 142
Harm faces a possibility of disbarment after his investigation into allegations of fraternization uncovers suspected espionage and he feels compelled to break attorney–client privilege. Child-abuse allegations by a Navy mother against a civilian father elicit help from an unexpected source.
141 7 "Ambush" Bradford May Don McGill November 6, 2001 140
When a Marine disobeys the Rules of engagement and 6 of his men are killed in an ambush, Harm must prove that the man was relying on verbal orders from his commander. Mac has to deal with a high-tech peeping Tom case involving a teenager on a Navy base.
142 8 "Jagathon" Scott Brazil Teleplay: Dana Coen
Story: Dana Coen and J. Jetsyn Tache
November 13, 2001 141
A friendly marathon for charity amongst the staff of JAG office becomes much more than that as grudges and pride come into play. Harm and Mac reconcile their friendship after finishing joint second in the race, behind Sturgis. Harm runs into a man who keeps impersonating Navy officers.
143 9 "Dog Robber (Part I)" Terrence O'Hara Stephen Zito November 20, 2001 143
Admiral Boone is called out of retirement to handle a diplomatic incident when a U.S. PC-3 Orion in the Taiwan Strait collides with a Chinese fighter jet and is then forced to make an emergency landing in China. Mac deals with two Naval Academy midshipmen who staged a duel.
144 10 "Dog Robber (Part II)" Jerry London Stephen Zito November 27, 2001 144
When a Naval aviator, on his own initiative, destroys the captured PC-3 Orion with missiles fired from an F-18 Hornet, Harm has to keep the incident from sparking a conflict between the USA and China. Mac investigates a Marine commander at Marine Corps Combat Development Command who has been accused of sexism and discrimination of female marines.
145 11 "Answered Prayers" Terrence O'Hara Teleplay: Paul Levine
Story: Nan Hagen and Paul Levine
December 11, 2001 145
When Christmas closes the Navy brig, Harm is stuck watching larcenous Petty Officer Jennifer Coates. Bud's brother Mikey is nominated for an appointment to the Naval Academy. Harm gets a wonderful holiday present, courtesy of Clayton Webb. Harm's 1968 Corvette is "stolen" from his garage, only to be brought back to him by Sturgis, who took it to have the new top placed on it.
146 12 "Capital Crime" Richard Compton Don McGill January 8, 2002 146
Mac and Sturgis get involved in the murder of a Navy Commander working for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency which leads to a much larger conspiracy involving Russian nuclear weapons. Caught up in the moment Mac admits to Sturgis that she's in love with Harm but then makes Sturgis promise never to tell another soul. Harm investigates a mishap involving a refueling exercise during bad weather.
147 13 "Code of Conduct" Dennis Smith Dana Coen January 15, 2002 147
Harm must defend a Navy SEAL who, against orders, went back to rescue a team member who was wounded in a firefight, killing another officer. Admiral Chegwidden is asked to resign by the Secretary of the Navy after being caught on tape slapping a loudmouth student at a high school. Chegwidden refuses to resign voluntarily and so has to face an inquiry, led by the Chief of Naval Operations.
148 14 "Odd Man Out" Michael Switzer David Ehrman January 22, 2002 148
Harm and Mac's case involving a medical corpsman accused of killing a Marine is complicated by Bud's appointment to the jury. Sturgis reaches out to help a Navy wife whose husband is on a long submarine deployment. Harm appears to have two tickets to the Super Bowl and his JAG HQ friends wonder how and who he will be taking. Last appearance of RIO Skates.
149 15 "Head to Toe" Terrence O'Hara Dana Coen & Don McGill February 5, 2002 149
Harm and Mac go to Saudi Arabia to defend a female naval aviator who flies C-130 Hercules while serving with the U.S. Air Force but refuses to wear the Abaya when off-base, creating tension between the base commander and a local cleric. Sturgis and Congresswoman Latham have their first dinner date.
150 16 "The Mission" Rod Hardy Stephen Zito February 26, 2002 150
During a mission to brief troops about the new Rules of Engagement, Harm is asked to fly a special bombing mission into Afghanistan. Sturgis works closely with and gets closer to Congresswoman Latham. Singer gets mad when Bud is earmarked for a promotion over her, but Bud's problems in court lead to more trouble for him.
151 17 "Exculpatory Evidence" Harvey S. Laidman Eric A. Morris March 5, 2002 151
Bud is accused of failing to defend his client properly (in "The Mission"), and Mac is the key prosecution witness. The staff try very hard to set up Admiral Chegwidden with a nice woman.
152 18 "Hero Worship" Rod Hardy Teleplay: Don McGill & Dana Coen
Story: Dana Coen
March 12, 2002 152
A fire aboard a Navy destroyer on a training cruise may be the result of negligence or the ship's advanced age. Admiral Chegwidden tries to help an old Medal of Honor recipient from World War II so that he can attend a White House gala.
153 19 "First Casualty" Oz Scott Paul Levine March 26, 2002 153
Harm and Mac are tasked with a delicate case when the President decides to court-martial a reporter who may have revealed a Navy SEAL unit's position in Afghanistan. Bud receives his orders to deploy overseas.
154 20 "Port Chicago" Jeannot Szwarc Don McGill April 9, 2002 154
Sturgis' father asks him to help clear a man who was court-martialed for refusing to return to work after the Port Chicago disaster in World War II. Harriet buys a new home without telling Bud.
155 21 "Tribunal" Mark Horowitz Charles Holland April 30, 2002 155
Harm and Mac go up against the Admiral and Sturgis in the military tribunal of a high-ranking Al-Qaeda member captured in Afghanistan. Mac heads into Afghanistan with Webb to get information on an upcoming Al-Qaeda terror plot. During the Admiral's absence, Singer runs the office and makes no new friends.
156 22 "Defending His Honor" Jeannot Szwarc Lynnie Greene & Richard Levine May 7, 2002 156
When Navy Judge Captain Owen Sebring (Corbin Bernsen) is accused of vehicular manslaughter, Harm must determine if the man's personal life caused him to behave violently on the road. Singer causes trouble between Bud and Harriet.
157 23 "In Country" Hugo Cortina Dana Coen May 14, 2002 157
While "in country" to investigate an attack which killed three civilians, Harm and Mac become trapped overnight in a minefield when their HMMWV leaves the road. Bud's unique approach to interrogations, discussing the Prime Directive from Star Trek with the detainee, produces results. Webb teaches Gunny hard lessons about love and the cost of war.
158 24 "Enemy Below" Bradford May Teleplay: Charles Holland
Story: Donald P. Bellisario
May 21, 2002 158
The clock is ticking as Harm, Mac and Sturgis have to prevent an Iranian diesel-electric submarine, jointly commandeered by an Al-Qaeda terrorist and a vengeful Russian submariner, from launching a dirty nuke cruise missile at an American carrier battle group in the Arabian Sea. During a mission to apologize to an Afghan village whose schoolhouse was accidentally bombed, Bud is left fighting for his life after he steps on a landmine while trying to keep a child safe in a minefield.