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JAG (season 8)
  • David James Elliott
  • Catherine Bell
  • Patrick Labyorteaux
  • John M. Jackson
  • Scott Lawrence
  • Zoe McLellan
  • Karri Turner
  • Nanci Chambers
  • Randy Vasquez
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 24
Original network CBS
Original release September 24, 2002 (2002-09-24) – May 20, 2003 (2003-05-20)
Season chronology
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List of JAG episodes

The eighth season of JAG premiered on CBS on September 24, 2002, and concluded on May 20, 2003. The season, starring David James Elliott and Catherine Bell, was produced by Belisarius Productions in association with CBS Productions.

The two episodes, "Ice Queen" and "Meltdown" also introduced the team who would later go on to appear in the first ever spin-off series for the NCIS franchise, NCIS.


Tenacious lawyer Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie (Catherine Bell), a beautiful, by-the-book Marine, is tasked with prosecuting, defending, and enforcing the laws of the sea as a member of the Navy's elite Judge Advocate General Corps. Along with her partner Commander Harmon Rabb, Jr. (David James Elliott) - a former Tomcat pilot - Mac investigates a plethora of cases including desertion ("The Promised Land"), oxygen deprivation ("In Thin Air"), sexual harassment ("Offensive Action"), a mishap aboard the USS Seahawk ("When the Bough Breaks"), and a death during surgery ("Complications"). Also this season, Bud (Patrick Labyorteaux) is injured in Afghanistan ("Critical Condition"), Petty Officer Jennifer Coates (Zoe McLellan) joins JAG ("All Ye Faithful"), Commander Theodore Lindsey (W.K. Stratton) returns ("Fortunate Son"), Webb (Steven Culp) goes missing in Paraguay ("A Tangled Webb"), and Chegwidden (John M. Jackson) accidentally ejects from a F-14 ("Heart and Soul"). Meanwhile, Lieutenant Loren Singer (Nanci Chambers) is murdered ("Ice Queen"), placing Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and his NCIS team directly in Harm's way ("Meltdown").


In January 2003, CBS announced that Donald P. Bellisario was developing a JAG spin-off, based on the work of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.[1] Tentatively titled Navy CIS, the series premiered during the JAG episodes "Ice Queen" and "Meltdown". Also this season, Dean Stockwell joins the cast as his First Monday character Senator Edward Sheffield.

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No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
159 1 "Critical Condition" Jeannot Szwarc Teleplay: Charles Holland
Story: Donald P. Bellisario and Charles Holland
September 24, 2002 (2002-09-24) 159
Bud and Coates's trip to Afghanistan takes a turn for the worse when Bud, attempting to save a young Afghan boy from a minefield is left badly injured with his right leg being lost after Bud steps on a landmine. As the JAG staff wait for news about Bud, everyone recalls their various meetings with Bud that have occurred over the last seven years, while Admiral Chegwidden and Lieutenant Singer both testify before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence about the "dirty bomb" attack that was stopped in "Enemy Below" with the outcome eventually costing Alexander Nelson his job as SECNAV.
160 2 "The Promised Land" Scott Brazil Dana Coen October 1, 2002 (2002-10-01) 160
Harm and Mac are tasked with defending a Marine who converted to Judaism, deserted his unit after facing prejudice from them and his family and joined the Israeli Army. Turner is joined by Singer on the case and ultimately is disgusted by her attitude and actions. Bud returns home to begin rehabilitation after losing part of his leg in Afghanistan and is subsequently awarded the Purple Heart while Singer receives new orders.
161 3 "Family Business" Bradford May Steven Smith October 8, 2002 (2002-10-08) 161
Harm defends a Marine Gunnery Sergeant accused of murdering his wife but the man's refusal to let his young son testify hampers the Gunnery Sergeant's own claims of self-defense. Singer leaves and everyone's happy to see her go except for Sergei, which doesn't make Harm happy. Bud's father, Big Bud Roberts gets over himself and finally arrives at the hospital to help his son with rehab.
162 4 "Dangerous Game" Terrence O'Hara John Chambers October 15, 2002 (2002-10-15) 162
As U.S. Senator Edward Sheffield who was last seen in "Critical Condition" begins his tenure as the new Secretary of the Navy, having been sworn in to replace Alexander Nelson, Harm finds himself partnered with a new JAG officer, Lieutenant Commander Tracy Manetti (Tamlyn Tomita) as Harm and Manetti find themselves prosecuting a Navy SEAL accused of recklessness during a wargame exercise which killed a civilian deputy sheriff while Mac and Turner defend the SEAL.
163 5 "In Thin Air" Harvey S. Laidman Don McGill October 22, 2002 (2002-10-22) 163
A routine flight from the Patrick Henry results in the RIO being left comatose after being deprived of oxygen for four minutes. When the RIO eventually dies, having never regained consciousness after slipping into a coma caused by the deprivation, a Petty Officer who works as the maintenance office on the ship is accused of negligent homicide. Harm is assigned to defend the Petty Officer while Mac prosecutes but Harm's attitude and conviction that the Petty Officer is guilty ultimately sees Admiral Chegwidden stepping in and severing Harm's connection to the case while Turner is appointed as Harm's replacement. As the case drags on, Harm has a possible theory as to what happened but it's one that could be potentially fatal while Bud is getting increasingly restless and eager to return to work as a JAG lawyer but Harriet attempts to slow his plans down, purely out of concern for Bud's own health.
164 6 "Offensive Action" Dennis Smith Lynnie Greene & Richard Levine October 29, 2002 (2002-10-29) 164
Harm and Manetti defend a Navy pilot accused of ruining the career of an officer under her command because he rejected her sexual advances while Mac and Turner prosecute.
165 7 "Need to Know" Bradford May Philip DeGuere, Jr. November 5, 2002 (2002-11-05) 165
As a favor from Congresswoman Lillian Dorning, SECNAV Sheffield asks the JAG staff to get the story of a submarine, USS Angel Shark (SSGN-559), which was lost on a CIA mission in 1968, declassified as Congresswoman Dorning's father was the skipper of the submarine. Now, Harm, Mac and Sturgis must now take on the complex system of classified information and the CIA bureaucracy as well as a CIA lawyer who will stop at nothing in keeping the truth covered up.
166 8 "Ready or Not" Philip Sgriccia Don McGill November 12, 2002 (2002-11-12) 166
A Joint Staff wargame ends with Harm battling to save the career of a marine Major General who's up for a court-martial due to the General disobeying orders, where he faces off in court against both Turner's prosecution and the judge--Mac. (This episode was based on the Millennium Challenge 2002 wargame.)
167 9 "When the Bough Breaks" Richard Compton Darcy Meyers November 19, 2002 (2002-11-19) 167
A misshap on the U.S.S. Seahawk results in the death of a man, prompting Lieutenant Singer to request that seven sailors be court-martialed. When Captain Johnson, the skipper of the Seahawk charges Singer with "conduct unbecoming" due to Singer being three and a half months pregnant, Mac is given the assignment of secretly investigating Lieutenant Singer while Harm attempts to find out what really happened.
168 10 "The Killer" Michael Schultz Charles Holland November 26, 2002 (2002-11-26) 168
Harm and Manetti travel to Naples to investigate whether a series of prostitute murders in Europe is related to a U.S. destroyer that makes ports of call in the same cities while Harriet learns of Singer's plight and tries to help her.
169 11 "All Ye Faithful" Kenneth Johnson Dana Coen December 17, 2002 (2002-12-17) 169
As the JAG team attempt to get together for Christmas, they each face a different crisis of their own. As Turner helps a young Corporal who has lost his home due to the Corporal's loud drumming playing and whose wife is due to give birth any moment, Harm and Admiral Boone attempt to get back to the United States and Petty Officer Jennifer Coates joins the JAG office on a permanent basis.
170 12 "Complications" Bradford May Paul Levine January 7, 2003 (2003-01-07) 170
Harm and Mac are asked to investigate claims by a Marine General that a Navy doctor was negligent and killed the General's sixteen year-old daughter during surgery with the General believing that there was a cover-up concerning his daughter's death. Mac soon finds herself also battling to save the General's career when the General himself faces a possible court-martial after intimidating the Navy personnel who helped treat his teenage daughter while Bud is left increasingly frustrated by the low-level work he is given, until he stumbles onto a disability case that doesn't sit well with him while Harm angrily confronts Singer about her pregnancy. Bud is eventually granted permanent limited duty, bringing him back to JAG on a full-time basis.
171 13 "Standards of Conduct" Rod Hardy Philip DeGuere, Jr. January 21, 2003 (2003-01-21) 171
A Navy whistle-blower claims a high-tech combat system is severely defective, but when Mac gets him released from the service, she discovers that he had an ulterior motive. Harm is targeted by an ambulance-chasing lawyer in a scam while the JAG staff hold a ceremony to celebrate Harm and Sturgis's respective and recent achievements.
172 14 "Each of Us Angels" Bradford May Darcy Meyers February 4, 2003 (2003-02-04) 172
A special episode focusing on Navy Nurses in WWII before and during the Battle of Iwo Jima and which has the JAG team playing various members of the group. This story is told by a veteran to a young woman at a grave in Arlington National Ceremony.
173 15 "Friendly Fire" Kenneth Johnson Paul Levine February 11, 2003 (2003-02-11) 173
An American pilot accidentally bombs a British combat position in Afghanistan, killing three British soldiers and wounding three others. As the public and high-profile case gets underway, Mac and Bud prosecute while Turner defends with Harm serving as the judge, leading to tension between Harm and Mac as the case progresses. Inspired by the Tarnak Farm incident.
174 16 "Heart and Soul" Bradford May Dana Coen February 18, 2003 (2003-02-18) 174
When Admiral Chegwidden accidentally ejects from an F-14 piloted by Rabb over the George Washington National Forest, he must call upon all his SEAL training to try to survive until help arrives. While Rabb searches for him, Mac has to judge a case with Sturgis and Roberts as advocates.
175 17 "Empty Quiver" Kenneth Johnson Philip DeGuere, Jr. February 25, 2003 (2003-02-25) 175
When a nuclear warhead mysteriously disappears from a Navy submarine at Naval Station Norfolk, the base is put on lockdown while Sturgis personally heads to the submarine to investigate if the warhead's disappearance was accidental or something much more sinister. Meanwhile, Harm who is trapped in the Base, having arrived there to search for evidence concerning a Lieutenant who has been accused of stealing and who is also facing a court-martial soon discovers evidence of a Petty Officer who's planning to steal ten millions of dollars from the base.
176 18 "Fortunate Son" Terrence O'Hara Darcy Meyers March 18, 2003 (2003-03-18) 176
When a Marine pilot who was born in Vietnam confesses to human trafficking, Harm and Mac must dig deeper to find the truth before the INS arrests him. In the aftermath of Chegwidden ejecting from a F-14, Commander Theodore Lindsey arrives at JAG for a review at the SECNAV's request, where the unpopular former JAG staff officer clashes with everyone he meets and promises to overturn the place he once worked.
177 19 "Second Acts" Kenneth Johnson Teleplay: Philip DeGuere, Jr.
Story: Don McGill
April 1, 2003 (2003-04-01) 177
The JAG office must come together to prevent Commander Lindsey's recommendations from being enacted. An enlisted Navy man who prevented a major terrorist disaster in Uzbekistan turns out to be the same person who was listed as having died in the 9/11 terror attacks.
178 20 "Ice Queen" Donald P. Bellisario Donald P. Bellisario & Don McGill April 22, 2003 (2003-04-22) 178

The JAG staff find their usual routines being interrupted and their lives turned upside down as well as their dark secrets exposed when the badly decayed remains of Lieutenant Loren Singer who has been missing for three weeks are discovered in a tree in Potomac Park by a young scout boy searching for his arrow. As the NCIS team led by NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs investigates the circumstances surrounding Singer's murder, evidence eventually puts Harm forward as the prime suspect while Sergei, Harm's half-brother is believed to be the father of Singer's unborn baby. As this goes on, NCIS must also break a terrorist who could contain key information on a potential terrorist attack.

Note: This episode and "Meltdown" are backdoor pilots for the JAG spin-off show, NCIS (TV series).
179 21 "Meltdown" Scott Brazil Donald P. Bellisario & Don McGill April 29, 2003 (2003-04-29) 179
As the JAG team try to cope with Harm's upcoming trial and also with the fact that they will have to testify against him, NCIS continue their investigation into Singer's murder while attempting to stop an impending terrorist attack but when Gibbs leaves to interview a captured terrorist, it falls to Gibbs's colleagues, NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo and Vivian Blackadder to find the evidence that will ultimately lead them to the true killer and save Harm from a lifetime in the brig but time is running out...
180 22 "Lawyers, Guns, and Money" Bradford May Dana Coen & Stephen Zito May 6, 2003 (2003-05-06) 180
CIA agent Clayton Webb returns and recruits Mac for an high-risk, undercover CIA assignment in the South American country of Paraguay while Bud must defend Sturgis when he is accused of incompetence on a case and Harm returns to work after being cleared of murdering Lieutenant Loren Singer.
181 23 "Pas de Deux" Bradford May Dana Coen & Stephen Zito May 13, 2003 (2003-05-13) 181
With Mac undercover and out-of-touch, Harm turns to CIA attorney Catherine Gale (from "Need to Know") for help. Harm also plays along when she asks him to pose as her boyfriend in front of Gale's mother who is dying of heart failure.
182 24 "A Tangled Webb (Part I)" Bradford May Stephen Zito May 20, 2003 (2003-05-20) 182
When Webb and Mac go missing in Paraguay, Harm subsequently resigns his commission and heads off to rescue them. The episode ends with the plane Mac and Harm are in crashing into a forest after being shot at by the group of terrorists pursuing them.


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