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JAM Project
JAM Project at the 7th annual J-Pop Summit in San Francisco, California. Left to right - Fukuyama, Kageyama, Okui, Kitadani, Endoh.jpg
JAM Project in San Francisco, CA in August 2015. Left to right: Fukuyama, Kageyama, Okui, Kitadani, Endoh.
Background information
Years active 2000–present
Labels Lantis
Website http://www.jamjamsite.com/
Members Hironobu Kageyama
Masaaki Endoh
Hiroshi Kitadani
Masami Okui
Yoshiki Fukuyama
Ricardo Cruz
Past members Eizo Sakamoto
Rica Matsumoto
Ichirou Mizuki

JAM Project ("JAM" standing for "Japan Animationsong Makers") is an anime music (or anison) group based in Japan. It was founded on July 19, 2000 by famous 1970s theme song artist Ichirou Mizuki. The group is composed of many vocal artists well known in the industry; aside from the many anime, tokusatsu, and video game theme songs that this group has performed together, each member is famous for his or her own solo performances of Japanese theme songs.[1] JAM Project is especially well known for their extensive contributions of theme music for Super Robot Wars and Garo.

In the summer of 2012, they teamed up with Animetal USA for a limited national concert tour called the Japan-America Anison Summit (日米アニソンサミット, Nichi-Bei Anison Samitto).[2] From 2011 to 2014, Japanese composer and conductor Takayuki Hattori served as orchestral arranger on several albums and tours. In 2015, JAM Project celebrated its 15th anniversary with a series of concerts that contained 39 songs in its setlist chosen from all their previous albums, the most number of songs in any of their concerts to date. They also released a CD based on a new ultra-high quality UHQCD standard containing re-arranged and re-recorded hits voted on by fans.[3]


JAM Project answering questions from American fans at the 7th annual J-POP SUMMIT in San Francisco, California

Regular members[edit]

Semi-regular member[edit]

  • Ricardo Cruz – additional vocalist from Brazil; heard on the songs "Neppu! Shippu! Cybaster" (2005 version), "Gong", "Stormbringer", "Rescue Fire", "The Guardian", "Transformers Evo.", "Sempre Sonhando", "Waga Na wa Garo", "Mirai e no Chikai", "Mirai e no Daikoukai ~Great voyage~", "BUDDY IN SOUL", "Kessen the Final Round", and "Treasure in the sky".

Former members[edit]

  • Eizo Sakamoto – founding member; stopped activity with the group in March 2003 prior to Fukuyama and Okui's joining, referring to it as "Graduation" (卒業, Sotsugyō). He returned to perform in the group's 10th anniversary reunion concert in 2010.
  • Rica Matsumoto – founding member; announced on April 7, 2008, that she was taking time off from the band to focus on her solo work, since becoming an indefinite hiatus. She returned briefly in 2010 to help write the 10th anniversary version of "KI・ZU・NA" on the album MAXIMIZER ~Decade of Evolution~.
  • Ichirou Mizuki – founding member; formally reduced his status to "part-time member" in August 2002, following the group's second live concert. He returned to sing in the single "Stormbringer" in 2006. He also returned to perform in the group's 10th anniversary reunion concert in 2010.



Title of Single Anime/Video Game/Tokusatsu Date of Release Chart Sales Album
1. "Kaze ni Nare" (疾風になれ, "The Wind Blows"; feat. Rica Matsumoto & Hironobu Kageyama) éX-Driver (OP) July 26, 2000 BEST PROJECT
2. "Danger Zone" (feat. Eizo Sakamoto & Masaaki Endoh) éX-Driver Movie (OP) November 22, 2000
3. "STORM" (feat. Ichirou Mizuki & Hironobu Kageyama) Shin Getter Robo vs Neo Getter Robo (OP) December 21, 2000
4. "SOULTAKER" The SoulTaker (OP) April 21, 2001
5. "Hagane no Messiah" (鋼の救世主(メシア), Hagane no Meshia, "Steel Messiah") Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden (OP) April 25, 2001 75
6. "FIRE WARS" (feat. Hironobu Kageyama) Mazinkaiser (OP) September 29, 2001
7. "CRUSH GEAR FIGHT!" Crush Gear Turbo (OP) October 30, 2001
8. "Over the Top!" (feat. Eizo Sakamoto & Masaaki Endoh & Hironobu Kageyama) Kikou Busou G-Breaker (OP) October 30, 2001
9. "LADY FIGHTER!" (feat. Rica Matsumoto) Sunrise Eiyuutan (OP) November 29, 2001
10. "Kaze no EAGLE" (風のEAGLE, Kaze no Īguru, "Wind Eagle"; feat. Hironobu Kageyama) Crush Gear Turbo (insert song) April 3, 2002 FREEDOM
11. "GO!" Super Robot Wars Impact (OP) April 24, 2002 72
12. "GET UP CRUSH FIGHTER!" (feat. Hironobu Kageyama & Rica Matsumoto & Eizo Sakamoto & Masaaki Endoh) Crush Gear Turbo Movie (OP) July 24, 2002
13. "Nageki no Rosario" (嘆きのロザリオ, Nageki no Rozario, "Grief Rosary") Gravion (OP) October 23, 2002 58
14. "Go! Go! Rescue" (Go!Go!レスキュー, Gō! Gō! Resukyū, feat. Hiroshi Kitadani & Masaaki Endoh & Rica Matsumoto) Machine Robo Rescue (OP) February 26, 2003 120
15. "Little Wing" (feat. Masami Okui) Scrapped Princess (OP) April 23, 2003 45 7,778
16. "SKILL" 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha (OP) April 23, 2003 25 7,447
17. "The Gate of the Hell" (feat. Yoshiki Fukuyama) Mazinkaiser vs. the Great General of Darkness (OP) August 6, 2003 88 JAM-ISM
18. "Destination" (feat. Rica Matsumoto) Sunrise World War (OP) September 26, 2003 84
19. "Kurenai no Kiba" (紅ノ牙, "Crimson Fang") Gravion Zwei (OP) January 21, 2004 37 12,089
20. "VICTORY" Super Robot Wars MX (OP) April 21, 2004 38 8,912
21. "DRAGON" New Getter Robo (OP) April 21, 2004 64 4,068
22. "VOYAGER" Panda-Z (OP) May 26, 2004 88 3,253
23. "Genkai Battle" (限界バトル, Genkai Batoru, "Battle Limit") Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (ED) November 26, 2004 115 2,251 Olympia
24. "Muv-Luv Alternative Insertion Song Collection" May 25, 2005 40 5728
25. "Meikyū no Prisoner" (迷宮のプリズナー, Meikyū no Purizunā, "Labyrinth Prisoner") Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Animation (OP) June 22, 2005 68 7,092
26. "GONG" 3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha: To the End of the Galaxy (OP) August 3, 2005 22 16,250
27. "GARO ~SAVIOR IN THE DARK~" (牙狼~SAVIOR IN THE DARK~) Garo (TV series) (OP2) January 25, 2006 41 6,983
28. "Break Out" Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars (OP1) November 1, 2006 24 12,243 BIG BANG
29. "RISING FORCE" Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars (OP2) February 21, 2007 40 6,441
30. "STORMBRINGER" Kotetsushin Jeeg (OP) April 25, 2007 71 2,553
31. "Divine love" (feat. Hiroshi Kitadani) Saint Beast (OP) April 25, 2007 74 2,336
32. "DRAGON STORM 2007" August 8, 2007
33. "ROCKS" Super Robot Wars: OG (PS2 OP) August 8, 2007 36 6,675 Get over the border
34. "No Border" January 23, 2008 44 4,032
35. "Crest of "Z's"" Super Robot Wars Z (OP) September 26, 2008 40 4,703 SEVENTH EXPLOSION
36. "Hello Darwin! ~Kōkishin on Demand~"
(ハローダーウィン!~好奇心オンデマンド~, Harō Dāwin! ~Kōkishin on Demando~, "Hello Darwin! ~Curiosity on Demand~")
Sgt. Frog (OP9) October 22, 2008 76 2,177
37. "Space Roller Coster GO GO!" (feat. NICE GIRL μ) Keroro Gunso the Super Movie 4: Gekishin Dragon Warriors (OP) March 4, 2009 115 766
38. "Rescue Fire" (レスキューファイアー, Resukyū Faiā) Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire (OP1) May 27, 2009 62 3,713
39. "Shugoshin-The Guardian" (守護神-The guardian) Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact! (OP) August 5, 2009 45 4,384
40. "Battle No Limit!" Battle Spirits Shounen Gekiha Dan (OP) October 7, 2009 56 1,680
41. "Bōken Ō ~Across the legendary kingdom~"
(冒険王 ~Across the legendary kingdom~, Bōken Ō ~Across the legendary kingdom~, "Adventure King ~Across the Legendary Kingdom~")
Ragnarok Online (image song) October 28, 2009 18 4,867 GOING
42. "Baku-chin Kan-ryo! Rescue Fire"
(爆鎮完了!レスキューファイアー, Bakuchin Kanryō! Resukyū Faiā, "Explosive Extinguishing Complete! Rescue Fire")
Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire (OP) November 11, 2009 63 1,578
43. "TRANSFORMERS EVO." Transformers: Animated (OP) April 21, 2010 47 3,337
44. "MAXON" Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Inspector (OP) October 27, 2010 36 5,105
45. "Vanguard" Cardfight Vanguard (OP1) February 23, 2011 53 3,259
46. "NOAH" 2nd Super Robot Wars Z: Hakai-hen (OP) April 27, 2011 40 3,283 THE MONSTERS
47. "Believe In My Existence" Cardfight!! Vanguard (OP2) October 5, 2011 19 8,502
48. "Waga Na wa Garo" (我が名は牙狼, "My Name Is Garo") Garo: Makai Senki (OP/ED) January 25, 2012 22 6,481
49. "Limit Break" Cardfight!! Vanguard (OP3) April 25, 2012 42 3,826
50. "Hagane no Resistance" (鋼のレジスタンス, Hagane no Rejisutansu, "Steel Resistance") 2nd Super Robot Wars Z: Saisei-hen (OP) May 23, 2012 41 4,277
51. "Wings of the legend" 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation (OP/ED) December 5, 2012 37 3,112 X cures Earth
52. "Yume Sketch" (夢スケッチ, Yume Suketchi, "Dream Sketch") Bakuman 3 (ED2) January 30, 2013 75 1,069
53. "R.I.P ~Tomo yo Shizuka ni Nemure~" (R.I.P~友よ静かに眠れ~, "R.I.P ~Sleep Quietly My Friend~") Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (ED6) July 10, 2013 51 1,951
54. "Isshokusokuhatsu ~Trigger of Crisis~" (一触即発 ~Trigger of Crisis~, "Critical Situation ~Trigger of Crisis~") Garo: Yami o Terasu Mono (OP) July 24, 2013 46 2,155
55. "Rebellion ~Hangyaku no senshi-tachi~" (Rebellion〜反逆の戦士達〜, "Rebellion ~Warriors of the Rebellion~") 3rd Super Robot Wars Z: Jigoku-hen (OP) April 30, 2014 40 2,832 X less force
56. "Breakthrough" Nobunaga the Fool (OP2) April 30, 2014 44 2,394
57. "Raiga ~Tusk of thunder~" (雷牙〜Tusk of thunder〜, "Kaminari Kiba ~Tusk of thunder~") Garo: Makai no Hana (OP2) August 6, 2014 53 2,605
58. "Honō no Kokuin -DIVINE FLAME-" (炎の刻印-DIVINE FLAME-, "Mark of the Flame -DIVINE FLAME-") Garo: The Carved Seal of Flames (OP1) October 22, 2014 52 1,258
59. "B.B." Garo: The Carved Seal of Flames (OP2) February 11, 2015 62 1,286 THUNDERBIRD
60. "Kessen the Final Round" (決戦 the Final Round, "Battle: the Final Round") 3rd Super Robot Wars Z: Tengoku-hen (OP) April 22, 2015 44 1,724
61. "EMERGE ~Shikkoku no Tsubasa~" (EMERGE~漆黒の翼~, "EMERGE ~Jet Black Wings~") Garo: Gold Storm Sho (OP) July 22, 2015 50 1,261
62. "THE HERO! ~Ikareru Kobushi ni Honō wo Tsukero~" (THE HERO! ~怒れる拳に火をつけろ~, The Hero! ~Set Fire to the Furious Fist~) One-Punch Man (OP) October 21, 2015 19 13,034
63. "Cyborg 009 ~Nine Cyborg Soldiers~/DEVILMIND ~Ai wa Chikara〜~"
(サイボーグ009〜Nine Cyborg Soldiers〜/DEVILMIND〜愛は力〜, "Cyborg 009 ~Nine Cyborg Soldiers~ / DEVILMIND ~The Power of Love~")
Cyborg 009 VS Devilman (OP) November 6, 2015
64. "Guren no Tsuki ~Kakusareshi Yami Monogatari~" (紅蓮ノ月~隠されし闇物語~, "Crimson Moon ~A Hidden Tale of Darkness~") Garo: Crimson Moon (OP1) December 25, 2015 44 1,546
65. "Gekka" (月華, "Moonlight") Garo: Crimson Moon (OP2) February 10, 2016 65 870
66. "Shining Storm ~Rekka no Gotoku~" (Shining Storm ~烈火の如く~, "Shining Storm ~Like the Raging Flames~") Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Moon Dwellers (OP) July 27, 2016 70 1,531
67. "The Brave" Yūsha Yoshihiko (OP3) November 2, 2016 50 2,504 Best Collection XIII
68. "DRAGONFLAME" Zero: Dragon Blood (OP) February 15, 2017 70 1,088
69. "THE EXCEEDER / NEW BLUE" Super Robot Wars V (OP/ED) March 1, 2017 61 1,214
70. "EMG" Garo: Vanishing Line (OP) October 18, 2017 - -
"—" denotes releases that did not chart, did chart but no sales records are available, or were not released in that region.

Studio albums[edit]

  1. BEST Project ~JAM Project Best Collection~
    Released on March 6, 2002
  2. FREEDOM ~JAM Project Best Collection II~
    Released on September 3, 2003
  3. JAM-ISM ~JAM Project Best Collection III~
    Released on September 23, 2004
  4. Olympia ~JAM Project Best Collection IV~
    Released on April 5, 2006
  5. Big Bang ~JAM Project Best Collection V~
    Released on July 4, 2007
  6. Get over the Border ~JAM Project Best Collection VI~
    Released on August 6, 2008
  7. Seventh Explosion ~JAM Project Best Collection VII~
    Released on November 25, 2009
  8. GOING ~JAM Project Best Collection VIII~
    Released on May 11, 2011
  9. THE MONSTERS ~JAM Project Best Collection IX~
    Released on November 14, 2012
  10. X cures Earth ~JAM Project Best Collection X~
    Released on July 2, 2014. The name is a play on words on the Japanese transliteration of "excuse us", came to be when Kitadani messed up his English in an airport while the group was on tour, as explained in a live concert.
  11. X less force ~JAM Project Best Collection XI~
    Released on June 17, 2015. The name is a play on the phrase "timeless force", where the written equivalent for multiplication (times) is also known as the letter "x", and the first two letters of the title resemble the Roman numerals for eleven when placed close together.
  12. THUNDERBIRD ~JAM Project Best Collection XII~
    Released on November 2, 2016

Original studio albums[edit]

    Released on March 21, 2002
  2. MAXIMIZER ~Decade of Evolution~
    Released on June 9, 2010
    JAM Project's second original album, as announced on their website, tied in with their 2010 world tour.
  3. Victoria Cross
    Symphonic arrangement album
    Originally set to be released on March 23, 2011; postponed to April 6, 2011, due to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.
    Released on October 23, 2013, tied in with their 2013-2014 live tour of the same name. Recorded in Los Angeles, with over 70 musicians participating. The name is a play on words on the Japanese transliteration of the phrase "samurais again". The logo for the tour often depicts the silhouette of a samurai holding a thumbs-up.
  5. AREA Z
    Released on June 29, 2016. The album is so named because the letter "z" is the final letter of the English alphabet, implying that JAM Project aims to reach a higher level.
    Released on October 18, 2017.

Live DVD releases[edit]

  1. JAM Project 3rd LIVE Shinkan ~Return To The Chaos~
    Released on January 1, 2004
  2. JAM Project 4th LIVE VICTORY ~a once in a lifetime chance~
    Released on February 23, 2005
  3. JAM Project 5th Anniversary LIVE ~KING GONG~
    Released on April 5, 2006
  4. JAM Project JAPAN CIRCUIT 2007 ~Break Out~
    Released on July 4, 2007. Ricardo Cruz appeared as part of JAM Project for the first time.
  5. JAM Project JAPAN FLIGHT 2008 ~No Border~
    Released on August 6, 2008. This tour was Rica Matsumoto's last live appearance with JAM Project.
  6. JAM Project Hurricane Tour ~Gate of the Future~
    Released on September 25, 2009
  7. JAM Project LIVE 2010 Maximizer ~Decade of Evolution~
    Released on January 26, 2010
  8. JAM Project Symphonic Concert 2011
    Released on October 22, 2011. Conducted by Takayuki Hattori, the set contained symphonic arrangements of several popular songs and featured solos for each member, including an arrangement of the main theme of Karei-naru Ichizoku with the addition of Endoh on vocals.
  9. JAM Project LIVE 2011-2012 Go! Go! GOING!! ~Fumetsu no ZIPANG~
    Released on August 1, 2012. On overseas legs outside Japan, the tour was titled "Arigato Tomodachi".
  10. JAM Project Premium LIVE 2013 ~THE MONSTER'S PARTY~
    Released on July 24, 2013. JAM Project introduced an alter ego band called "The Monsters".
  11. JAM Project LIVE 2013-2014 THUMB RISE AGAIN
    Released on July 23, 2014. Conductor Hattori conducted the opening number "Groundbreakers" and several songs featured a string quartet.
  12. JAM Project 15th Anniversary Premium LIVE THE STRONGER’S PARTY
    Released on May 11, 2016. This concert featured JAM Project on a circular stage in the center of the arena.
  13. JAM Project Live Tour 2016 AREA Z
    Released on May 24, 2017


  • Super Robot Wars Alpha ORIGINAL STORY D-2
    • "Neppū! Shippū! Cybaster EDGEWIRED version" (featuring Eizo Sakamoto and Masaaki Endoh)
    • Released on May 23, 2001 (game soundtrack)
  • Emblem (エンブレム, Enburemu) mini-album
    Released on March 8, 2006
    TV anime Yomigaeru Sora - Rescue Wings ending theme, insert & image song collection
  • Muv-Luv Alternative Vocal Cancels "Name"
    Released on December 26, 2007
    • Contains JAM Project's "Name ~Kimi no Na wa~" (Name~君の名は~, "Name ~Your Name is~")
  • Lucky Star Re-Mix002 ~Lucky Star no Kiwami, Ahh Shiteyanyo~
    Released on December 26, 2007
    • Contain's JAM Project's cover of "Motteke! Sailor Fuku" titled "JAM ga Mottetta! Sailor Fuku" (JAMがもってった!セーラーふく, JAM ga Mottetta! Sērāfuku, "JAM is With Them! Sailor Fuku")
  • JAM PROJECT World Flight 2008 Best Selection (2008 exclusive world tour best album)
    Released on December 25, 2008
  • "Kanjite Knight" (感じてKnight, Kanjite Naito, "Emotion Knight") by ULTIMATE LAZY for MAZINGER
    Released on April 22, 2009
    TV Animation Shin Mazinger Shōgeki! Z-Hen opening theme
    Based on LAZY's old song. Kanjite Knight is revived by LAZY and performed along with Tamio Okuda, Kazuyoshi Saito and JAM Project under the group name "ULTIMATE LAZY for MAZINGER".
  • Nico Nico Douga Selection ~Sainō no Mudazukai~ (ニコニコ動画せれくちょん~才能の無駄遣い~, Nikoniko Dōga Serekuchon ~Sainō no Mudazukai~, Nico Nico Douga Selection: A Waste of Talent)
    Released on July 1, 2009
    Contains JAM Project's Version of "Omoide wa Okkusenman!"
  • Gundam Tribute from Lantis (ガンダムトリビュート from Lantis, Gandamu Toribyūto from Lantis)
    Released on December 9, 2009
    Contains JAM Project's Version of "Ai Senshi"
  • JAM Project 10th Anniversary Complete BOX
    Released on December 22, 2010
    The 10th anniversary box set release from JAM Project featuring 7 greatest hits albums; a bonus CD containing English, Portuguese, and Chinese versions of several of their songs in addition to any songs they recorded or performed that were not included on any of their other singles and albums; and 4 DVDs featuring all the music videos they created and footage of their live performance, including a reunion concert with Ichiro Mizuki, Ricardo Cruz, and Eizo Sakamoto. It also includes a 200-page JAM Project history book.
    Released on December 26, 2012
  • GARO Golden Songbook Soul of Garo (牙狼 黄金歌集 牙狼魂, GARO Kogane Kashū Kibaōkami Tamashī)
    Released September 25, 2013. Contains JAM Project's various songs used as themes in GARO productions.
  • JAM Project 15th Anniversary Strong BOX MOTTO! MOTTO!!-2015-
    Released September 9, 2015


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