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JC Gonzalez
JC Gonzalez-cropped.jpg
Juan Camilo Gonzalez

1990 (age 28–29)
ResidenceLos Angeles, California U.S.
EducationClements High School
  • Actor
  • Singer
  • Songwriter
  • Voice
Years active2005–present

Juan Camilo Gonzalez, known professionally as JC Gonzalez, is a Colombian actor and singer-songwriter. His career began in 2009, when he participated in television commercials and advertisements in Texas.[1] Gonzalez was also a candidate on Making Menudo, an MTV reality show for which they selected twenty-five bilingual male singers. Gonzalez has also made appearances in film and television, such as Parks and Recreation, Blue (web series) and Los Americans.[2]

Early years[edit]

JC Gonzalez-201.jpg

Gonzalez was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1990. He has two younger siblings. Gonzalez was classified as a hyperactive child, and therefore earned the nickname of "terremoto" (Earthquake).[3][4] Gonzalez and his family moved to Houston when he was seven years old so that his younger brother could receive medical treatment.[5]

Gonzalez started his elementary school at Gimnasio Los Caobos[6] in Bogota, Colombia and attended Clements High School in Sugar Land, Texas.[7][8]

JC Gonzalez has been characterized by his impetus, as indicated by the portal 'Pantallazos de Noticias' , where they claim that they have been traits of the personality of his maternal grandmother 'Cándida Rueda' , known for being the manager of Hotel San Carlos in Barrancabermeja, (Santander, Colombia)[9]

The artist has also made it known through several interviews that one of his engines is his brother Daniel, who has largely overcome a strange disease called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC), and has taught him that without effort there is no reward, from there, says the singer, his discipline comes.[10]



Gonzalez has recorded original material as well as a remix of the song "El Perdón" by Enrique Iglesias and Nicky Jam.[11] As of 2016, Gonzalez was preparing his debut solo album, titled AwakIn,[12] which is set to feature songs in English and Spanish with a mix of Latin rhythms[13] and American rap and pop.[14][15]

Television and cinema[edit]

Gonzalez began his acting career in television commercials in Texas.[16] After graduating from high school, Gonzalez moved to Los Angeles where he began working in commercials and television series.[17] He has done television commercials for Ford, Honda, and AT&T.[4]

In January 2007, Gonzalez auditioned for Making Menudo in Los Angeles.[18] He did not make the cut, and so he began dance lessons and auditioned again in Dallas.[8] In Dallas, he was selected by the Puerto rican singer Luis Fonsi and the radio announcer Daniel Luna as one of the twenty-five participants who would go to New York City where they were filmed in the Road to Menudo series.[19]

Gonzalez walking for "Fifth Avenue" in Manhattan, New York, June 2007

[ Finally in 2007, for the same Making Menudo project Gonzalez was selected to be part of the jury of the new version of the Latino boy band Menudo.[20] The band would be a fusion of urban, pop and rock music in English and Spanish to produce several albums with the label of Sony BMG Epic Records. Several auditions were held in different cities such as Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, New York City, among others. Gonzalez was a part of the Dallas competition where along the side of radio announcer Daniel Luna they chose varies contestants and in their pickings, Gonzalez was 1 of the 25 selected.[8]

As part of the show, Gonzalez along with fourteen other aspiring artists, was trained in singing and dancing in South Beach, Florida for almost four months.[21][22]

Gonzalez, during his acting career participated in the web series Los Americans (2011), which is characterized by having a multigenerational focus, a middle-class family living in Los Angeles. During the series, he participated with Esai Morales, Lupe Ontiveros, Tony Plana, Raymond Cruz, Yvonne DeLaRosa, and Ana Villafañe. In 2009, Gonzalez appeared in the Parks and Recreation episode Sister City as Jhonny, a Venezuelan intern.[23][16]

In 2010, Gonzalez played the lead role in the video for Kaya Rosenthal (Can't Get You Out of My Mind). Gonzalez has also appeared in Locked Up Abroad, Hard Times, How to Rock, and Parenthood.[17] In 2010, Gonzalez played a role on Victorious in the episode (Survival of the Hottest).[24][25]

In Banged Up Abroad, JC Gonzalez appeared as Lia McCord's brother, who was arrested at the Bangladesh Airport for trafficking narcotics.

In 2010, In The second season of the NBC comedy-drama series Parenthood (season 2) Gonzalez played the role of a dancer in the Episode The Berger Cometh.

Also in 2010, Gonzalez worked with Ariana Grande in a role of her love interest in Victorious episode Survival of the Hottest.[26]

In Parenthood (season 2) Gonzalez did the role of a Fraternity young man in the episode Orange Alert. Then in 2011, Gonzalez worked in Big Time Strike episode of Big Time Rush.

In 2012, Gonzalez played the character of a Football Player Bully in the episode How to Rock a Newscast of the American teen sitcom How to Rock that ran on Nickelodeon from February 4 to December 8, 2012.

During 2015 and 2018 Gonzalez's notable works included the role of "Jake" in episode "Blue Christmas" of American television series NCIS: New Orleans ,[27] role of "Kyle" in American procedural drama television series 9-1-1 (TV series) and an appearance as "DJ Diego Spiz" in Amazon Studios's American legal drama web television Goliath (TV series).

Gonzalez starred in Los Americans, an Internet series that was launched in May 2011.[28] In 2013, Gonzalez appeared in the web series Blue.[5] Gonzalez has also worked on other web series, including Ragdolls in 2013. In 2015, Gonzalez took on the role of Jake in the NCIS: New Orleans program, in the episode Blue Christmas.[27]

Personal life[edit]

Gonzalez grew up in Sugar Land, Texas, a suburb of Houston and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.


JC Gonzalez new.png

"Safe Passage" this song was sang by JC Gonzalez for the thrive Integrative wellness and women of watts and beyond, in California, USA. He sang it in Gatherings and festivals which supports those who have survived and fighters of domestic violence[29]. He wants to be the voice of these people who are undergoing, or underwent any domestic violence and survived, also for the fighters who are still facing it, moreover it's an awareness against domestic violence. JC Gonzalez performed his song "Safe Passage" live on stage, The purpose of this song is to deliver a message to all people, especially those who are subjected to a domestic violence that they are not alone. Furthermore, JC also supported non-profit organization that fights prostate cancer, as it had been suffered by his father. He also joined other voluntary organization which spread awareness to fight cancer. JC feels the pain of these people because he had experienced it with his father and brother. From a young age, JC joined associations, and participated in events to help children with similar conditions as his brother Daniel since 2001 at Shriners Hospital for Children (Houston) he volunteered in different projects, supporting them with his musical projects in Texas and California in the aim of collecting funds for serving different social aims. this shows that he was not only Helping his family , brother and father, he was also trying his best to help everyone his help could reach to. JC's Support for people will never end, He will always be the voice for the voiceless.


Film and Video[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
2009 Second Coming Police officer (as Juan Camilo) Video
2012 Slumber Party Slaughter[30] Randy Film
2014 11:11 Ryan Short
2015 Elena Victor Short
2015 Hot Flash: The Chronicles of Lara Tate – Menopausal Superhero Cock Block Film
2017 More Than Enough (Original title: Good After Bad) Collin Film by Director: Anne-Marie Hess
2018 Ernesto's Manifesto Logan Film


Year Title Role Notes
2007 Making Menudo[31] JC MTV Reality Show
2008 Locked Up Abroad Eliadah "Lia" McCord brother Episode: Bangladesh National Geographic Channel
2009 Parks and Recreation Jhonny Episode: "Sister City"[32]
2010 The Hard Times of RJ Berger TV Series dancer with knife Episode The Berger Cometh
2010 Victorious Ben Episode: Survival of the Hottest
2010 Parenthood Fraternity young man Episode: Orange Alert
2011 Big Time Rush Costart Episode: Big Time Strike
2012 How to Rock Football Player Bully Episode: How to Rock a Newscast, TV Series
2013 RagDolls Mateo Episodes: Bésame Mucho; The Sexy Bra; Undercover Date Agent; The Pot Shop
2014 I Didn't Do It[33] Mike Episode: Lindy Nose Best
2015 NCIS: New Orleans Jake Episode: "Blue Christmas"[27]
2018 9-1-1 (TV series) Kyle Tv Series
2018 Goliath (TV series) DJ Diego Spiz Tv Series


Year Title Role Notes
2009 Love Fifteen Cindy Lee's son Cindy Lee (Paola Turbay)
2011 Los Americans by Dennis E. Leoni Paul Valenzuela Episodes: Going to Mexico; The Truth Hurts; Secrets; Lead Us Not Unto Temptation; Family Heirloom; The Legacy; Fish and House Guests; Happy Birthday
2013 Blue (web series) Harry Episode: What Kind of a Name Is Blue? by Rodrigo Garcia


Comercial Paper Channel
Honda Fit (English/Spanish) Principal National
Jack in the Box (Spanish) Principal National
Houston Community College Institutional Commercial Principal Regional
Hasbro Nerf Vulcan Principal Regional
Academy Sports + Outdoors Principal Regional
Houston Community College Principal Regional (Institutional)
National Car Rental Principal Online
Fiesta Rock Principal Regional
Connect EDU Principal Online
Nintendo Wii Principal National
KFC Principal National
AT&T Principal National
Ford Focus Principal National


Year Title Position
E.E.U.U R&B E.E.U.U Rap
2015 Equation of Love Equation of Love – Single
2015 Quiet Game Quiet Game – Single
2015 Cupid AwakIN
2015 Zoom Zoom – Single
2015 Prendete AwakIN
2016 Solitary Conversations 2moonS
2016 Luchando 2moonS
2016 Let me be me 2moonS


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