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A JD/MBA is a dual degree program offered jointly by many law and business schools. The program generally lasts four years (saving one year over completing both degrees separately) and results in the candidate earning both a Juris Doctor degree and a Master of Business Administration degree.

By country[edit]


Top ranking Canadian JD-MBA programs include a four-year JD/MBA at Queen's University,[1] the University of Toronto,[2] the three-year JD/MBA at the University of Western Ontario,[3] and both a three and four-year program at York University.[4] Students may apply to the joint program before matriculating to either program, or after matriculating to either law school or business school.[5]

United States[edit]

Many schools including Elon University, Northwestern University, University of Houston, Cornell University, Yale University, New York University, Harvard University, Columbia University,[6] the University of Pennsylvania,[7] Temple University,[8] and Villanova University[9] offer the program.


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