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Operating areaHong Kong and Macau
ATMsAround 3,000

JETCO (Chinese: 銀通), officially Joint Electronic Teller Services Limited (Chinese: 銀聯通寶有限公司) is a network of automatic teller machines in Hong Kong and Macau.


JETCO was founded by the Hong Kong Branch of the Bank of China (now Bank of China (Hong Kong)) in 1982 along with the Bank of East Asia, Chekiang First Bank, Shanghai Commercial Bank and Wing Lung Bank, and at present covers all banks in Hong Kong and Macau, except for HSBC and Hang Seng Bank,[clarify] which uses a separate system known as ETC (易通財).

JETCO connects[when?] with the UnionPay network in mainland China: JETCO cardholders can withdraw RMB cash at UnionPay machines in a number of major cities in mainland China, while UnionPay cardholders can withdraw HK$ cash (no more than HK$5,000 per day) at JETCO machines in Hong Kong. However, after 1 January 2006, JETCO cardholders can no longer withdraw cash at UnionPay ATMs in the mainland since JETCO and UnionPay could not reach an agreement. Additionally, many banks in Hong Kong now issue UnionPay debit and credit cards for mainland use.


JETCO is the primary network of the following banks listed below:

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