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Japan FM Network (JFN)
Typecommercial radio network
First air date
May 31, 1984 (as a company)
Revenue30.84 million yen
HeadquartersJFN Center, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
Broadcast area
OwnerThe Japan FM Network Company
EstablishedMay 1981
BS channels 320-323 (now inactive)
Affiliates(See this list.)
Official website

Japan FM Network (全国FM放送協議会, Zenkoku Efu Emu Hōsō Kyōgi-kai, literally Japan FM Network Association, JFN/JFNA) is a commercial radio network in Japan. It was founded in 1981.

TOKYO FM is the main station of the network.

Japan FM Network stations[edit]

Station Call sign Broadcast areas (Prefectures) Region
Tokyo FM (TFM) JOAU-FM Tokyo (Key station) Kantō region
FM OSAKA (FM OH!) JOBU-FM Osaka (Quasi-Key station) Kansai region
FM Aichi (@FM) JOCU-FM Aichi Chūbu region
FM Akita (AFM) JOPU-FM Akita Tōhoku region
FM Aomori (AFB) JOWU-FM Aomori Tōhoku region
FM Ehime (JOEU-FM) JOEU-FM Ehime Shikoku region
FM Fukui JOLU-FM Fukui Chūbu region
FM Fukuoka (F-Fuku) JODU-FM Fukuoka Kyushu region
FM Fukushima (Fukushima FM) JOTV-FM Fukushima Tōhoku region
FM Gifu JOXV-FM Gifu Chūbu region
FM Gunma (FMG) JORU-FM Gunma Kantō region
Hiroshima FM (HFM) JOGU-FM Hiroshima Chūgoku region
FM Hokkaidō (AIR-G') JOFU-FM Hokkaido Hokkaido region
Hyogo FM (Kiss FM KOBE) JOIV-FM Hyōgo Kansai region
FM Ishikawa (HELLO FIVE) JOHV-FM Ishikawa Chūbu region
FM Iwate (FMII) JOQU-FM Iwate Tōhoku region
FM Kagawa JOYU-FM Kagawa Shikoku region
FM Kagoshima (mu FM/μFM) JOOV-FM Kagoshima Kyushu region
FM Kochi (Hi-Six) JOLV-FM Kōchi Shikoku region
FM Kumamoto (FMK) JOSU-FM Kumamoto Kyushu region
FM Mie (radio3/radio CUBE) JONU-FM Mie Kansai region
FM Sendai (Date FM) JOJU-FM Miyagi Tōhoku region
FM Miyazaki (JOY FM) JOMU-FM Miyazaki Kyushu region
FM Nagano JOZU-FM Nagano Chūbu region
FM Nagasaki (FMN) JOHU-FM Nagasaki Kyushu region
FM Niigata (FRN) JOXU-FM Niigata Chūbu region
FM Oita (Air Radio FM88) JOJV-FM Oita Kyushu region
FM Okayama (VV-FM) JOVV-FM Okayama Chūgoku region
FM Okinawa JOIU-FM Okinawa Kyushu region
FM Saga (FMS) JONV-FM Saga Kyushu region
FM Shiga (e-radio) JOUV-FM Shiga Kansai region
FM San-in (V-air) JOVU-FM Shimane and Tottori Chūgoku region
FM Shizuoka (K-MIX) JOKU-FM Shizuoka Chūbu region
FM Tochigi (RADIO BERRY) JOSV-FM Tochigi Kantō region
FM Tokushima (F-Toku) JOMV-FM Tokushima Shikoku region
FM Toyama JOOU-FM Toyama Chūbu region
FM Yamagata (RFM, Rhythm Station) JOEV-FM Yamagata Tōhoku region
FM Yamaguchi (FMY) JOUU-FM Yamaguchi Chūgoku region
Nothing -- Chiba, Ibaraki, Kanagawa, Kyoto, Nara, Saitama, Wakayama and Yamanashi Various

Overseas station[edit]

Station Call sign Broadcast area
Eco-Paradise FM T8AA-FM Koror, Palau

Originally in JFN, but now independent[edit]

Station Call sign Broadcast area (Prefectures)

FM Fuji was a member from 1988 to 1992.

Stations that are planning to have frequencies removed[edit]

FMQ League[edit]

FMQ League (FMQリーグ, FMQ Rigu) is a sub-network of JFN for the region of Kyūshū (excluding Okinawa Prefecture).


  • fm fukuoka
  • FM Saga (FMS)
  • fm nagasaki
  • FM Kumamoto
  • FM Oita (Air Radio FM88)
  • FM Miyazaki (Joy FM)
  • FM Kagoshima (mu FM/μFM)
  • FM Yamaguchi (FMY) (from Chūgoku region)

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