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JG Faherty
Author JG Faherty
BornJames Gregory Faherty
January 27, 1961
OccupationNovelist; also owns and operates a-perfect-resume.com

JG Faherty (born January 27, 1961) is an American author who writes in the Horror, Science Fiction, and Dark Fantasy genres.

Faherty was born in Olean, New York. He moved to Stony Point, New York at the age of four, and resided there on and off until moving to Garnerville in 2011. He obtained B.S. in Biology at Saint Bonaventure University and has additional graduate credits in Biology. From the years 1987 to 1999, Faherty held jobs in Medical Technology, Laboratory Equipment Repair, Biomedical R&D, Photography, Sales, and Quality Control. In 1999, he started his own resume preparation company, A Perfect Résumé, and continues to operate it.

In 2002, Faherty began publishing short horror and science fiction in his spare time. His first novel, Carnival of Fear, was published in 2010 by Graveside Tales. In 2011, his second novel, Ghosts of Coronado Bay, was published by JournalStone Books and later nominated for a Bram Stoker Award® for Superior Achievement in YA Horror.[1]

In 2012, as the Horror Writers Association's Library Liaison and founder of their YA Literacy and Library programs, Faherty initiated literacy initiatives with several library organizations and established a partnership with Ray Billingsley, creator of the Curtis comic strip seen in more than 250 newspapers, to promote literacy to young adult readers. In 2013, he established partnerships with actress/author Amber Benson and musician/actor/writer Richard Christy to promote literacy through horror and dark fiction, science fiction, and other genre fiction.

In 2014, his fourth novel, The Burning Time, was nominated for an International Thriller Writers' Thriller Award.

Awards & Recognition[edit]

Finalist, Bram Stoker Award® - Superior Achievement in a Novel (2015)
Finalist, Thriller Award, International Thriller Writers (2014)
Finalist, Bram Stoker Award® - Superior Achievement in a Young Adult Novel (2011)
Winner, Tales from the Moonlit Path Halloween Contest (2006)
Winner, Hot Summer Something Contest, fromtheasylum.com (2006)
Runner Up, Desdomona Hard Boiled Sex Contest (2006)
Flash Fiction Contest Winner, sciencefictionfantasyhorror.com (2005)
Poetry Contest Winner, sciencefictionfantasyhorror.com (2005)



The Cure, Samhain Publishing, (2015)
The Burning Time, JournalStone Books, (2013)
Cemetery Club, JournalStone Books, (2012)
Ghosts of Coronado Bay, JournalStone Books, (2011)
Carnival of Fear, Graveside Tales, (2010)


Death Do Us Part, Samhain Publishing, (2016)
Winterwood, Samhain Publishing, (2015)
Cult of the Black Jaguar, Samhain Publishing, (2015)
Legacy, Samhain Publishing, (2014)
Castle by the Sea, Samhain Publishing, (2014)
Thief of Souls, Samhain Publishing, (2014)
Fatal Consequences, Samhain Publishing, (2014)
The Cold Spot, Delirium, (2012)
He Waits, (Delirium Novella Series), Delirium, (2012)

Short stories[edit]

"Heroes Are Made" (upcoming), Halfway to Anywhere, anthology from Mirror Matter Press
"Peeping Tom" (upcoming), Worlds of Science Fiction/Horror/Fantasy Vol. 2
"High Mileage" (upcoming), Demonic Visions 6
"The Lazarus Effect" (2016), Cemetery Dance Magazine
"Homo Suicidus" (2014), A Darke Phantastique; anthology from Cycatrix Press
"The Wee Folk" (2013), Midnight Echo 9
"Lonely is the Mothman" (2013), Dark Moon Digest YA Issue 1
"Them Ol' Negro Blues" (2013), Shadow Masters: An Anthology from the Horror Zine
"Anything for Love" (2013), The Uninvited Magazine
"Countdown" (2013), High Stakes
"The Great Zombie Invasion of 1979" (2012), Blood Lite III
"Sumpahump" (2012), Slices of Flesh
"Wishmaster 2000" (2012), Christmas Lites II
"Anything for Love" (2012), The Uninvited Magazine
"Jennifer's Body" (2012), Horror on the Installment Plan
"Lights of Las Vegas" (2012), My First Threesome
"True Love Never Die"s (2012), Horror on the Installment Plan
"Uninvited" (2011), 90 Minutes to Live
"Blood Will Tell" (2011), The Beast Within 2
"Ladies of the Lake" (2011), Legends of the Mountain State IV
"Tunnel of Love" (2011), Carnival of Fear – special limited edition
"Bitter Apples" (2011), White Cat Magazine
"Show & Tell" (2011), Fender Stitch Magazine
"Trick or Treat" (2011), Fender Stitch Magazine
"When Agatha Met Frank: Or, Meet the Parents" (2011), Butcher Knives & Body Parts
"All Dead" (2010), Horror Library Vol. IV
"High Mileage" (2010), DailyScienceFiction.com
"Girls Night Out" (2010), Fang Bangers
"The Funhouse" (2009), Harvest Hill Anthology
"The Yule Cat" (2009), Appalachian Winter Hauntings
"Trapped" (2009), Legends of the Mountain State 3
"The Jesus Orchid" (2008), Shroud Magazine
"Experimental Subject" (2008), Bits of the Dead
"The Lesson" (2008), Wrong World
"Hybrids" (2008), Wrong World
"The Toll" (2008), Wrong World
"Bones" (2008), Cemetery Dance
"Windows to the Soul" (2008), Bound for Evil
"Family First" (2008), Dark Territories
"Guests in the Attic" (2007), MagusZine
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"The Key to Her Heart" (2006), Hellnotes.com
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"The Midway" (2006), Tales From the Moonlit Path
"Bones" (2005), Doses of Death: A Macabre Collection of Small-Town Horror
"A Dog's Life" (2005), Animal Magnetism
"The Funhouse" (2005), Wicked Karnival
"Dreams of Darkness" (2005), Silent Whispers Monthly
"The Phantom Milkman" (2005), Haunted Encounters: Departed Family & Friends
"The Only Good Spider" (2005), ScienceFictionFantasyHorror.com
"Jacob" (2005), Whispering Spirits
"Crisis of Faith" (2005), LostInTheDark.com


"The Mushroom Garden" (2010), Death in Common: Poems From Unlikely Victims
"Blood Red, Corpse White" (2010), Death in Common: Poems From Unlikely Victims
"The Dentist" (2006), Wicked Karnival
"Natural Selection" (2005), ScienceFictionFantasyHorror.com

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