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This article is about the Finnish television network. For the Flemish television channel, see JIM (Flemish TV channel).
For other uses, see Jim (disambiguation).
Jim Espinola
JIM logo.svg
Launched 26 February 2007
Owned by Nelonen Media
Audience share 3.1% (2011, [1])
Country Finland
Broadcast area Finland
Replaced Nelonen Plus
(2003 - February 2007)
Sister channel(s) Nelonen (HD)
Nelonen Prime
Nelonen Nappula
Nelonen Maailma
Nelonen Pro 1 (HD)
Nelonen Pro 2 (HD)
Nelonen Pro 3
Nelonen Pro 4
Nelonen Pro 5
Nelonen Pro 6
Nelonen Pro 7
Nelonen Pro 8
Website www.jimtv.fi
Digital Channel 9
Canal Digital Channel 9
Elisa Channel 9
dna Welho Channel 9
Anvia Channel 11

Jim (abbr. of Jotain ihan muuta, in English Something completely different) is a Finnish national television channel that replaced Nelonen Plus on 26 February 2007.

The programming of the channel consists of imported programs; mainly do-it-yourself programs, documentaries and popular series such as Fifth Gear, Wheeler Dealers, Penn & Teller: Bullshit!. It often has reruns of drama series such as Rome, Lost, 4400, Sleeper Cell and Brotherhood. Also, it features some lesser-known television series, such as Life After People, Bondi Rescue, Speeders, Takeshi's Castle, Kenny vs. Spenny, and Ninja Warrior.


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