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JIProlog - Java Internet Prolog is an Open Source Prolog interpreter implemented in Java.

JIProlog is full ISO Prolog compliant and it is compliant with the major Prolog interpreters: it supports most of ISO Prolog specifications and the most common and used built-in predicates.

Born in early 1998 JIProlog has been developed by following the needs of real world applications and by design it is compliant with the mobile world.

JIProlog runs on any Java Platform: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, Android, J2ME

JIProlog supplies also a powerful Integrated Devopment Environment to edit, consult, run and test Prolog programs

Prolog and Java[edit]

JIProlog adds to Java the power of Logic Programming and Prolog language.

JIProlog integrates Prolog and Java languages in both directions. It allows calling Prolog predicates from Java without dealing with native code (JNI) and allows invoking Java methods from Prolog.

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