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JJ (magazine) January 2003 cover.jpg
January 2003 cover
EditorSayaka Hara[1]
Circulation563,201 (2014)[2]
Year founded1975

JJ is a Japanese fashion and lifestyle magazine published by Kobunsha. It was established in 1975[3][4] as an extra issue of Josei Jishin, and was the first women's magazine for college students in Japan. Most readers of JJ are females between the ages of 17 and 26, and range from college students to office workers.[citation needed]

JJ advises its readers to dress conservatively. It uses many professional fashion models, however the models it uses are not necessarily under exclusive contract with JJ. The model Ryoko Tanami is frequently featured in Classy, a version of JJ targeted to women aged between 24 and 28.

JJ Bis is a version of JJ magazine for older teens.

Models featured in JJ[edit]





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