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Coordinates: 26°28′23″N 80°18′25″E / 26.4730°N 80.3070°E / 26.4730; 80.3070

Radhakrishan Temple
J K Temple
J K Temple, Kanpur
General information
Type House of Worship
Location Kamla Nagar, Kanpur-208 005, INDIA
Completed 2 May 1960

The JK Temple is a temple in the Indian city of Kanpur. Considered to be a unique blend of ancient and modern architecture, its mandapas have been constructed with high roof for adequate ventilation of light and air. The J. K. Trust has constructed this temple. The major maintenance expenses of the temple also come from the trust fund. The temple also known as Radhakrishan Temple.


Located in commercial and industrial city of Kanpur, it has many great significance. The Kanpur Airport located about 15 km from temple's campus center, Kanpur Central Railway Station which is 5 km from temple has trains to Lucknow, Allahabad, Delhi, Kolkata and many other major cities and towns .


The temple has five shrines dedicated to the

  1. Lord Radha and krishna
  2. Lord Lakshmi and narayan
  3. Lord Ardhanarishwar
  4. Lord Narmadeshwar
  5. Lord Hanuman


Beautifully constructed, J.K. temple is a boon to the devotees. Built by J.K. Trust this architectural delight is a unique blend of ancient architecture with the modern. The even-level roofs or the mandaps have been provided with adequate ventilation for sufficient light and air. Among the five shrines that the temple has the central one consecrated to Shri Radhakrishna and the other are adorned with idols of Shri Laxminarayan, Shri Ardhanarishwar, Shri Narmadeshwar and Shri Hanuman. There is park and beautiful lake near the temple which looks wonderful at night when lights are on.


Construction of the temple was completed on 20 May 1960. It celebrating its 50 years on 20 May 2010.


As the JK Temple is a very preserved modern architectural building, no fee is taken for entry and checking is done through a metal detector.

Best time to visit[edit]

Best time to visit JK Temple is from October to March.and janmashtmi also.


JK Temple is open from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and 4:30 pm to 10:00 pm, with inner parts of temple( the statues ) being closed to public for an hour between 8:40 pm and 9:40 pm for prayers.