JLA: Another Nail

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JLA: Another Nail
Publication information
Publisher Elseworlds (DC Comics)
Schedule Monthly
Format Limited series
Publication date 2004
Main character(s) Aquaman
Green Arrow
Green Lantern
Martian Manhunter
Wonder Woman
Creative team
Writer(s) Alan Davis
Penciller(s) Alan Davis
Inker(s) Mark Farmer
Creator(s) Alan Davis
Mark Farmer

JLA: Another Nail is a comic book mini-series published in the United States by DC Comics, a continuation of events in the original three-part mini-series JLA: The Nail. Another Nail also occurs outside the official DC Universe continuity, and is part of the Elseworlds story collection. A number of its predecessor's peripheral plotlines are expanded and key incidents in the previous story arc are retold from other viewpoints, revealing new information. The primary difference from the continuity is that Kal-El was never found by the Kents when he was a baby; their truck had a flat tire, caused by a nail.


The story begins before a flashback year earlier, detailing the war between New Genesis and Apokolips mentioned in JLA: The Nail. The consequences of this war threaten to destroy millions of lives on adjacent planets, and the Green Lantern Corps is summoned to stem the loss of life. One of their number is killed, and the power ring selects Big Barda as its new host. Using the ring in combination with a Mother Box, Barda and Mr. Miracle (who had transferred his consciousness to Barda's armor circuitry from his dying body) shut down a destructive device designed to vaporize all matter within millions of light years of the war. The flashback was shown by Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), who reveals to the rest of the JLA that the Central Power Battery on Oa is weakening. The Guardians of the Universe and Big Barda unsuccessfully investigate.

Kal-El is adjusting to his new life as Superman. He is unfamiliar with his powers and limitations, devoting himself to heroics with little rest. During a South American mission with the Martian Manhunter, the Man of Steel's strength begins fading as he tries to save a village from Evil Star's attacks. The Martian Manhunter advises him to rest and reconnect with humanity. During his sabbatical, Kal-El bonds with Lois Lane and Jonathan and Martha Kent as they create a new identity for him.

Batman descends to hell, dragging the Joker with him. As they fight Batman is prepared to spend an eternity in hell, knowing that his sacrifice prevents the Joker from ever harming anyone else. As they fall into the abyss the Joker, screaming, is swept away by unseen forces; a hand reaches out to Batman, pulling him from the darkness. His rescuers, the spirits of Robin and Batgirl, enables Batman to put the past behind him. He rejoins the Justice League, with the caption "Never The End".