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JMG Academy
FounderJean-Marc Guillou

The JMG Academy is a sports organisation and training company established by French international football player Jean-Marc Guillou.


Guillou had established Académie de Sol Beni in Abidjan in 1994 via a partnership with ASEC Mimosas. JMG Academy was established in 2002 following a disagreement between Guillou and ASEC over control of the Academy.[1]

The success of the academy in Abidjan saw JMG expand into other parts of the world.[2]


The company has nine academies throughout the world: Ivory Coast from 1994; Madagascar from 2000; Thailand from 2005; Mali from 2006; Algeria (in partnership with Paradou AC), Egypt, and Vietnam from 2007; Ghana from 2008; and Belgium from 2009.

The projects in Egypt, Thailand[3] and Vietnam[4] have all been assisted by Arsenal F.C..


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