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JML (John Mills Limited) is a consumer product company based around the UK specialising in the promotion of products with video screens in retail stores.[1]

The company develops products in the categories of homewares, health & beauty, DIY and gifts and sells them through its website, TV channels and retail.[2]

In addition to its own products, JML distributes products from other international direct response television (DRTV) suppliers.[3]


John Mills founded JML in the basement of his house in Camden in 1986. Reverting to a model of selling at trade shows, the company expanded into consumer selling after a trial involving end-of-aisle video demonstrations in third-party owned retail shops.[4]

Today, JML has its headquarters in Kentish Town, North London.[5] Home to one third of the company’s 300 strong workforce, it contains the product development, marketing, direct to consumer, video production, international sales and broadcast operations. The fulfilment centre is based in Port of Tyne,[6] comprising a 24/7 call centre, retail sales team, warehouse and distribution facility.

In 2010 it was named as one of Europe's Top 500 Growth Companies.[7]

In August of 2019, the CEO of JML, Ken Daly, met with Andrea Leadsom and appeared in a video claiming that Brexit was a huge "opportunity". It is believed that many people in the UK who do not wish to leave the EU will subsequently boycott JML's products.


JML Retail[edit]

JML’s core business is retail screen promotions. These can be found in various UK and Irish retailers including Asda, Boots, Robert Dyas and Debenhams.[8]

JML Direct[edit]

The brand also has a direct-to-consumer business. It sells directly to the consumer through its shopping channel (on the Sky platform), website and catalogue. The channel is JML Direct TV (operates on Sky 651 and Freesat 806). This features UK infomercials. They are largely produced in-house as well as featuring product demonstration video content from across the globe. JML also broadcasts through third parties. The brand publishes a bi-yearly catalogue. The e-commerce site offers a range of products.


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