JNR Class C58

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Class C58
JNR C58 363.jpg
C58 363 operated by the Chichibu Railway
Type and origin
Power typeSteam
BuilderKawasaki Heavy Industries Rolling Stock Company, Kisha Seizō
Build date1938–1947
 • Whyte2-6-2 Prairie
Gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Driver dia.1,520 mm (5 ft 0 in)
Length18,275 mm (59 ft 11.5 in)
Total weight100.20 t
Performance figures
Tractive effort12,570 kgf (123,300 N; 27,700 lbf)

The Class C58 is a 2-6-2 wheel arrangement steam locomotive type built by the Japanese Government Railways (JGR) and Japanese National Railways (JNR) from 1938 to 1947.[1] A total of 427 Class C58 locomotives were built.[1] Two members of the class are preserved in working order.

Preserved examples[edit]



C58 36, April 2007
C58 114, July 2009
C58 275, March 2004
C58 333, October 2012
C58 390, August 2005

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