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D60 1 preserved at Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum
D60 61 preserved at park in Ashiya, Fukuoka

The Class D60 (D60形) is a Japanese 2-8-4 Berkshire wheel arrangement steam locomotive type created by rebuilding an earlier class to suit post-war requirements. 78 of the successful pre-war 380-strong Class D50 2-8-2 Mikado locomotives were rebuilt as D60s between 1951 and 1956 at the JNR Hamamatsu (Nagoya) Region, Nagano, (Nagoya) Region, and Tsuchizaki, (Sendai) Region workshops. As with the rebuilding of Class C59 to Class C60 locomotives, an additional trailing axle was included to reduce the heavy axle load of the D50 and allow more widespread use. The cylinder diameter was reduced from 570 mm on the D50s to 550 mm to minimize wheel spin.

The spread of electrification and increasing numbers of diesel locomotives resulted in the first D60s being withdrawn from 1966. A few examples based at Wakamatsu Depot soldiered on hauling coal trains on the Chikuhō Mainline in northern Kyushu, and the last member of the class (D60 61) was finally withdrawn in August 1974.


Overall length 20,030 mm
Overall height 3,955 mm
Driving wheel diameter 1,400 mm
Total operating weight 81.56 t (excluding tender)
Boiler pressure 13.0 kgf/cm² (1.27 MPa
Cylinder dimensions 550 mm dia. x 660 mm stroke

Build details[edit]

Numbers Former numbers Rebuilt at Date
1-10 D50 162/44/305/116/169/199/81/168/47/211 JNR Hamamatsu Works 1951
11-28 D50 14/175/202/225/123/71/127/226/244/163/133/85/88/337/289/106/237/306 JNR Hamamatsu Works 1952
29-30 D50 112/65 JNR Hamamatsu Works 1953
31-34 D50 302/73/317/145 JNR Nagano Works 1952
35-39 D50 149/141/160/126/216 JNR Nagano Works 1953
40-44 D50 128/333/248/113/31 JNR Hamamatsu Works 1953
45-62 D50 32/157/326/35/247/159/354/192/34/51/99/265/40/197/120/152/282/229 JNR Hamamatsu Works 1954
63-69 D50 351/283/191/36/228/136/33 JNR Hamamatsu Works 1955
70 D50 111 JNR Nagano Works 1955
71-72 D50 95/93 JNR Tsuchizaki Works 1955
73 D50 278 JNR Nagano Works 1956
74-75 D50 57/91 JNR Tsuchizaki Works 1955
76-78 D50 96/219/67 JNR Hamamatsu Works 1956

Preserved examples[edit]

  • D60 1 In grounds of Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum
  • D60 27 Park in Tachibana, Fukuoka Prefecture (in poor condition)
  • D60 46 Park in Iizuka, Fukuoka Prefecture
  • D60 61 Park in Ashiya, Fukuoka Prefecture

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