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The Journal of Object Technology is an online scientific journal covering object-oriented programming and component-based development. It is free for both readers and authors and published by the Chair of Software Engineering at the ETH Zurich. Its first issue appeared in May 2002, in response to the need for an international journal covering the object-oriented and component-based development field. From 1986 to 2001, the Journal of Object-Oriented Programming played much of that role, but after it was sold to a new owner in 2000, it was announced in the following year that it would cease publication at the end of the year. The launching of The Journal of Object Technology was largely a response to this event, as leaders from the community realized a flagship publication was needed.

The Journal of Object Technology is published on the first day of every odd-numbered month. In addition, special issues, usually coming out of conferences, are occasionally published in intermediate months. The publisher is Bertrand Meyer and the editor-in-chief since the journal was established is Richard Wiener.

Each issue contains columns by regular columnists, departments (e.g. book and product reviews) and peer-reviewed papers. Columnists include Dave Thomas, Won Kim, Bertrand Meyer and John McGregor.

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