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The JRA Award (JRA賞) is given annually since 1987 by the Japan Racing Association (JRA) to the outstanding horses and people in Japanese Thoroughbred horse racing. The awards originally started as the Keishū Sha Awards (啓衆社賞) in 1954 and since 1972 the Yūshun Awards (優駿賞).

The most prestigious award for horses is JRA Award for Horse of the Year.

The equivalent in Australia is the Australian Thoroughbred racing awards, in Canada the Sovereign Awards, in the United States the Eclipse Awards, and in Europe, the Cartier Racing Awards.

Current awards:

The JRA Grand Prize Jockey and JRA Special Award are not regularly given out, as they will only be given if a horse/jockey is sufficiently deserving of the award.

Retired Awards:

  • JRA Award for Best Horse By Home-bred Sire
  • JRA Award for Best Anglo-Arab Horse