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JS16, real name Jaakko Salovaara, is a Finnish musician and record producer. He owns the dance music record label 16 Inch Records.

His first release was the vinyl Hypnosynthesis at the age of 16 (explaining the number 16 in his artist name). With the release of the club/dance music album Stomping System in 1998 and hits like "Stomp to My Beat" and "Love Supreme", he gained the Finnish audience's attention. Furthermore, the single "Stomping System" also reached #6 on the UK Club Chart.

JS16 has also gained fame by being the producer of Finnish electro-hop group Bomfunk MC's, with three albums and the European megahit "Freestyler" (2000). He has also produced international club anthems like "Sandstorm" and "Feel the Beat" with Finnish DJ Darude.

In 2002, he produced the JS16 Remix and the JS16 Dub of Britney Spears' hit single "Overprotected". His remix was even included on the CD soundtrack of Britney's debut film Crossroads.

Currently, JS16 is producing for the Finnish group Mighty 44. Additionally, he is a member of the group Dallas Superstars, alongside his countryman Bostik (aka Heikki Liimatainen). Their debut album was 2003's Flash, with hits like "I Feel Love" (reached #1 on Finnish and Swedish dance charts) and "Fast Driving", #4 on the UK Club Chart in the summer of 2004.

JS16 is also featured on Konami's Dance Dance Revolution/Dancing Stage series. "Stomp to My Beat" originally appeared on the arcade version 2ndMix and lasted until 5thMix; it also appeared on the North American arcade version Dance Dance Revolution USA. It was revived in Dance Dance Revolution X3 for the 2ndMix mode. "Stomp to My Beat" was also featured on the PlayStation version of 2ndMix and the North American PlayStation 2 version DDRMAX. It was also on the arcade version of Dancing Stage EuroMix as one of the four bonus tracks which were not available on the home version.

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