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JS 9 mm
Type Bullpup submachine gun
Place of origin China
Production history
Designer Jianshe Industry (Group) Corporation
Manufacturer China South Industries Group
Produced 2006–present
Weight 2 kg (4.41 lb)
Length 450 mm (17.7 in)
Barrel length 250 mm (9.8 in)

Cartridge 9×19mm DAP92-9
9×19mm Parabellum
Action Blowback, open bolt
Rate of fire 900 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity 321 m/s
Effective firing range 200 m
Maximum firing range 400 m
Feed system 30-round detachable box magazine
Sights Open sight block, fixed front peep sight, flip up back sights

The JS 9 mm (Chinese: JS 9 mm冲锋枪; pinyin: JS 9 mm Chōngfēng Qiāng; literally: "JS 9 mm Assault Gun"), also known as the CS/LS2 is a commercial export version of the QCW-05 (with the exception of different chambering.)[1] It is a suppressed Assault rifle developed by the Jianshe Industries (Group) Corporation of Chongqing. The JS 9 mm is capable of using any 9×19mm round, including the popular 9×19mm Parabellum round but has specifically been chambered for the indigenous, armour-piercing 9×19mm DAP92-9 round.[2]


Following the unveiling of the QCW-05 submachine gun at the 2005 International Police Equipment Expo in Beijing, Jianshe Industries (Group) Corporation, a company under the China South Industries Group Corporation state-owned conglomerate presented an export variant of their latest submachine gun at the 2006 MILIPOL expo named the 'JS 9 mm'. The submachine gun was a bullpup, select-fire, open bolt, blowback operated submachine gun with a screwable suppressor that is capable of using many different 9×19mm cartridges. Internally the JS 9 mm is exactly the same as the QCW-05, which is a submachine gun designed for use by the People's Liberation Army Ground Force, People's Liberation Army Special Operations Forces and the People's Armed Police except for the different chambering. The JS 9 mm is designed for export to the international market, specifically at various police and law enforcement forces and not for domestic use either with military or any police force. Currently the JS 9 mm is exported worldwide by NORINCO Equipment, Ltd. through a marketing agreement with China South Industries Group.

Design details[edit]

Internally, the JS 9 mm is identical to the QCW-05. The only difference between the two submachine guns is that the JS 9 mm is slightly smaller and lighter compared to the QCW-05 and uses the common 9×19mm round. The JS 9 mm is also capable of accepting widely used MP5 magazines along with its own double-column, 30-round, box magazine. As the JS 9 mm does not share the QCW-05's carry handle, the sight bridge is mounted on top of a receiver on a Picatinny rail and can be removed in favour of a multitude of aiming equipment. The JS 9 mm possesses three different firing modes, automatic, semi-automatic and safety.[3]

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