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JTB Corporation (株式会社ジェイティービー Kabushiki Gaisha Jeitībī?) (aka JTB), is the largest travel agency in Japan and one of the largest travel agencies in the world. It specializes in tourism. There are branches all over the world to help Japanese visitors, including both private and business travelers. It was formerly owned by the Japanese government. It is headquartered in the JTB Building in Shinagawa, Tokyo.[1]


It was established as "Japan Tourist Bureau (ジャパンツーリストビューロー Japan Tsūrisuto Byūrō?)", which takes care of foreign tourists visiting Japan, in 1912. In 1941, it was renamed as East Asian Travel Agent (東亜旅行社 Tōa Ryokōsha?), then changed its status from corporation to foundation on the following year, although it still has functions as a travel agent company. After the World War II, it is renamed as "Japan Travel Bureau (日本交通公社 Nihon Kōtsū Kōsha?)". In 1963, Japan Travel Bureau was divided into two different organizations by separating travel agent function as an independent corporation while leaving foundation as it was, then same name is given to both organizations. On 1 January 2001, the corporation side was renamed as "JTB Corporation", while the name of foundation side remains as it was.

The original JTB company, "JTB Corp", has diversified into other businesses including pharmaceuticals, financial services, consumer goods, publishing, telecommunications and more.[2] The entity that handles its traditional and best publicly known business, travel, is JTBGMT[3] which supplies tours and other Japan Travel products directly to customers and to travel agents under its "Sunrise Tour" brand.[4] The publishing arm of JTB Corp. produces the popular "Rurubu" magazine which, in 2010, was recognised by Guinness Book of Records as the largest selling travel guide series in the world.[5] It has also published the Japan In Your Pocket series of tourist guide mini-books.[6]


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