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JT Tran
Born Texas
Other names The Asian Playboy
Occupation Dating coach, entrepreneur
Known for Pickup Artist, ABCs of Attraction

Jerry Tran, sometimes credited as JT Tran or The Asian Playboy, is a dating coach and pickup artist as well as dating advice columnist for LA Weekly[1] and Baller Magazine.[2] He is also the founder, CEO and lead instructor of a company that offers pickup artist courses to men.


After Tran attended one of the pick up artist Mystery's bootcamps, he began to develop his own methods of attraction, concentrating on developing his own holistic approach to the art of seduction.[3]


Tran introduced the concept of the ABCDEF structure which incorporates three main components, namely: thoughts, actions, and words. The concept teaches men how to develop their attitudes, change the manner of their dress, and convey sexuality while courting and dating women.[4] Tran mainly teaches shy Asian men confidence and communication skills.[5]

Media attention[edit]

Tran and his company have featured on the front pages of AsianWeek[6] and Nguoi Viet Daily News,[4] as well as other newspapers such as The Harvard Crimson where he was the featured guest speaker at the Harvard University event "Between the (Pickup) Lines",[7] D Magazine, Hyphen Magazine and a featured interview with Yale Daily News.[8]

In May 2011, he was featured in New York in an article about Asian-Americans who were able to fight the "bamboo ceiling".[9][10]

Tran spoke at Yale for Master's Tea and was featured in The Yale Herald.[11] He has also been a featured guest speaker for the University of Chicago.[12][13] In February 2012, Tran visited the Wharton School of Business at University of Pennsylvania to talk about various cultural issues and why he decided to become a "relationship guru".[14]

In March 2012, Tran held a live interview with Juju Chang on ABC's Nightline, who compared him with the likes of Jeremy Lin, John Cho, Harry Shum, Jr., and Daniel Dae Kim.[15][16] He talked about how he failed with the ladies in the past, mostly due to typical Asian stereotypes of having "good grades but poor social skills," yet he became successful later by "applying his systematic engineering skills to dating" and these are the skills he teaches men at ABCs of Attraction today.[15][17] To prove that his methods, the TV crew followed Tran during the lecture and later out into the field live and unstaged.[15]

In Spring 2012, Tran made the cover of NU Asian Magazine,[18] discussing his journey from an aerospace engineer to a pick-up artist and was also featured in Verge Magazine.[19]

Tran was also profiled by Channel News Asia in Singapore,[20] the Huffington Post[21] and Voice of America News TV in China, which followed JT Tran and his team on the entire bootcamp process.[22] The Awl news reporter, Sharon Adarlo, who first criticized ABCs of Attraction's methods,[23] joined in on a bootcamp and wrote on how her opinion had changed after the experience.[23] In 2015, Tran and pickup artist Andrew Chen of ABCs of Attraction were featured on Al Jazeera America, in a segment titled "Are Pickup Artists Misogynists or Gentlemen?" where Tran was compared with other pickup artists.[24]


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