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Nov-Dec 07 small.jpg
Editor-in-ChiefLindsey Silken
CategoriesTeen magazine
Circulation13,000 subscribers nationally
Year founded2004
Final issue2009
CompanyJFL Media (defunct)
WebsiteJVibe website (inactive)

JVibe was a bimonthly magazine for Jewish teens aged 12–18, published by a company called JFL Media between 2004 and 2009. Lack of funds forced the publisher to close down all activities in October 2009, including the publication of JVibe.[1][2] Sections of the magazine included pop culture events, celebrity interviews, news from Israel, sports stories, music, and movies.[3][4]

The magazine's companion website, jvibe.com, was taken over by web hosting service Jvillage Network,[1] but has been inactive since April 2010.[5] It includes a discussion board, blog entries, on-going polls, surveys, and contests.


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