JW Marriott Grand Rapids

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JW Marriott Grand Rapids
JW Marriott Grand Rapids.jpg
General information
Type Hotel
Architectural style Modern
Location Grand Rapids, Michigan
Address 235 Louis Campau
Coordinates 42°57′57″N 85°40′28″W / 42.96585°N 85.67435°W / 42.96585; -85.67435Coordinates: 42°57′57″N 85°40′28″W / 42.96585°N 85.67435°W / 42.96585; -85.67435
Inaugurated September 2007 (2007-09)
Owner Amway Corporation
Height 257 ft (78 m)
Technical details
Floor count 23
Awards and prizes Marriott Opening of the Year, 2007

JW Marriott Grand Rapids was the first JW Marriott Hotel in the Midwest. It is themed based on Grand Rapids's sister cities: Omihachiman, Japan; Bielsko-Biala, Poland; Perugia, Italy; Ga District, Ghana; and Zapopan, Mexico. When the hotel was first opened, Amway Hotel Corporation hired photographer Dan Watts to travel to each of the sister cities and photograph them for the property. The JW Marriotts are the second highest ranking hotels in the Marriott district. Each floor of the hotel features photography from one of the cities and is unique to that floor. The cities repeat themselves up the 23 floors. This is the sixth tallest building in Grand Rapids.

Opening in September 2007, the property was honored with "2007 Opening of The Year" for the Marriott brand.


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