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JYP Entertainment Co. Ltd.
Traded as KRX: 035900
Industry Entertainment
Founded April 25, 1997 (1997-04-25)
Founder J.Y. Park
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Area served
Revenue Increase₩ 48.5 billion (2014)[1]
Increase₩ 8.25 billion (2014)
Increase₩ 7.85 billion (2014)
Owner J.Y. Park (18.08%)
Number of employees
Subsidiaries JYP Creative Inc.
JYP Foods Inc.
JYP Pictures.
Studio J
Slogan Leader in Entertainment
Website Official website (English)

JYP Entertainment is a South Korean entertainment company founded by Park Jin-young based in Seoul, South Korea. The company operates as a record label, talent agency, music production company, event management and concert production company as well as a music publishing house. The record label is also one of the three big record labels in the K-pop industry, alongside S.M. Entertainment and YG Entertainment.[2][3]

JYP Entertainment has been the home of artists like Park Ji-yoon, god, and Rain. The label's current roster of recording artists includes Wonder Girls, 2AM, 2PM, Miss A, Baek A-yeon, 15&, JJ Project, Sunmi, Got7, HA:TFELT, Bernard Park, G.Soul, DAY6 and Twice.



JYP Entertainment was originally found as Arion Corp. (아라리온), a company that made integrated circuit chips and computer data storage while offering servers. The company's established date is set as the day Arion Corp. was found. On January 29, 1999, the company changed its name to Bogang Media (보광미디어). Afterwards, the company integrated a wireless communicator company called Saytech Corp., so the company name was changed to Saytech Corp. On November 11, 2007, the company was given to the entertainer Rain. Due to that, the name was changed to Jaytune Entertainment (제이튠인터테인먼트).[4]

On December 2008, the company changed its type of enterprise to entertainment. On February 23, 2011, Park Jin-young's JYP Entertainment became the biggest stockholder of J. Tune Entertainment, so the name was changed to reflect the event.[4]

The studio and headquarters of its United States (US) branch, JYP USA, officially opened in New York City in June 20, 2007.[5] In October 2008, JYP Entertainment opened the JYP Beijing Center as its China branch. On November 2011, JYP Creative, a US subsidiary division was established.[6] The company was forced to close all US operations.[7]


The company is divided into three divisions: entertainment management, phonograph record business and content. The entertainment management division manages advertising, concerts and events. The phonograph record business division manages the planning, production and distribution of phonograph records. The phonograph division also manages casting and singer training. The content division provides digital media and is involved in licensing.[8]

On November 2012, JYP Entertainment shut down its New York City office and its US subsidiary JYP Creative. The subsidiary was closed after a $1.2 million investment and a consequent $1.5 million loss. [6] On Jun 19, 2013, JYP Entertainment finalized a deal to merge with JYP Corporation, a company that dealt with production and distribution of records and music products. On October 17, 2013, JYP Entertainment merged with JYP Corporation.[8] The group is reportedly worth in excess of $100 million.[9]

On December 9, 2013, a report said JYP Entertainment decided to liquidate its sub-label, AQ Entertainment, at the latter's meeting of shareholders.[10]


In June 2009, JYP Entertainment and the Jonas Group signed a management deal for the Wonder Girls. Wonder Girls joined the Jonas Brothers' World Tour 2009, in selected cities,and performed their two songs "Nobody" and "Tell Me" as the opening act.[11] In the same year, Hyerim, a joint venture between JYP Entertainment and KeyEast BOF, was founded.[12]

KMP Holdings[edit]

In March 2010, KMP Holdings was established via a joint venture between JYP, S.M., YG, Star Empire, and other companies. KMP ("Korean Music Power") is the official distributor of releases from these companies.[13]

AQ Entertainment[edit]

In December 2013 JYP Entertainment liquidate the sub-label AQ Entertainment, leaving miss A and Baek Ah Yeon under JYP Entertainment.[14] In December 2010, Park Jin-Young announced that Rain would be merging his entertainment company, J. Tune Entertainment, with JYP Entertainment.[15]

United Asia Management[edit]

In 2011, JYP Entertainment partnered up with SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, KeyEast, AMENT and Star J Entertainment to create United Asia Management in an effort to promote Korean pop music internationally.[16] In February 2011, JYP Entertainment was changed to JYP co., Ltd.

Smile Gate[edit]

In November 17, 2013, JYP Entertainment partnered up with Smile Gate to promote game 'CrossFire' with 2PM & miss A.[17]

KT Music[edit]

In January 2014, the seven talent agencies behind KMP Holdings (S.M. Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Star Empire Entertainment, Media Line, CAN Entertainment and Music Factory Entertainment) formed a collective bond partnership. They bought 13.48% of KT Music's stocks, leaving parent KT Corporation's share with only 49.99%.[18]

JYP Nation[edit]

JYP Nation is the project name used by JYP Entertainment for compilation works, similar to SM Town and YG Family.[19]

Recording artists[edit]

Actors and actresses[edit]

Studio artists[edit]



Studio J[edit]


Former artists[edit]

Former singers[edit]

Former actors[edit]

Notable former trainees[edit]

JYP Entertainment has trained a number of music artists over the years. They include:


JYP Nation discography
  • This Christmas (2010)
  • One Mic (2014)


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