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Industry Retail
Founded 2 April, 1979
Aarhus, Central Denmark, Denmark
Founder Lars Larsen
Area served
Owner Lars Larsen
Number of employees
app. 18,500 (2014)
Website www.jysk.com

Jysk (corporately styled JYSK)(Danish: [ˈjysɡ̊], franchises in other countries operate under various names) is a Danish retail chain, selling household goods such as mattresses, furniture and interior décor. Jysk is the largest Danish retailer operating internationally, with 2,300 Jysk stores in 41 countries.[1]

Jysk was founded by Lars Larsen, who opened the first store on Silkeborgvej in the Danish city Aarhus in 1979. The retail chain is still owned by Larsen, who is one of the Denmark's richest people, although in some countries the chain operates on a franchise basis.


Jysk in Hungary
Jysk store in Slovakia
Jysk store in Sweden
Jysk in Czech Republic


  • 1979: On 2 April, the world's first Jysk Sengetøjslager opens in Aarhus, Denmark, where it still operates today.
  • 1980: The company's first advertising supplement is released.
  • 1984: Jysk Sengetøjslager opens its first store outside the country - Dänisches Bettenlager in Germany.
  • 1984: Jysk Franchise opens its first store in Greenland.
  • 1986: Lars Larsen becomes partner of Himmerland Golf & Country Club.
  • 1986: Jysk Franchise opens its first store in Faroe Islands.
  • 1987: Jysk expands to Iceland and opens a store in Kópavogur.
  • 1989: Jysk Sengetøjslager becomes main sponsor of the Danish Disabled Athletics Association and remains its main sponsor. Later Jysk also becomes the main sponsor for disabled sports associations in Norway and Sweden. Jysk also supports disabled sports in Canada, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.


  • 1992: Jysk Sengetøjslager's two-year trainee course commences in Strandby near the Liim Fiord in Denmark. Approximately 200 trainees complete the course every year.
  • 1998: Lars Larsen celebrates his 50th birthday and his company celebrates the opening of store number 500.
  • 1999: Jysk Sengetøjslager co-founds the Tropical Forest Trust, which works to secure the tropical rain forests. The trust now has more than 80 members worldwide.


  • 2000: Lars Larsen becomes the majority shareholder of the Internet-based furniture company www.bolia.com, which now has showrooms in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany and China.
  • 2001: The stores in Denmark, Sweden and Finland change their name from Jysk Sengetøjslager, Jysk Bäddlager and Jysk Vuodevarasto to Jysk.
  • 2001: Jysk receives the Gift to the Earth award from the World Wildlife Fund for its work with the Tropical Forest Trust, which Jysk co-founded in 1999.
  • 2004: Jysk celebrates its 25th anniversary, and Lars Larsen sends out 2.4 million copies of his autobiography to all Danish households.
  • 2006: Lars Larsen has a street named after him.[where?]
  • 2007: Lars Larsen receives King Frederik IX's Honorary Award which is presented by His Royal Highness Prince Henrik in recognition of Lars Larsen's valuable contribution to Danish export.
  • 2008: Jysk Nordic opens Northern Europe's largest warehouse in Uldum in Mid-Jutland. The warehouse now has an area of 64,000 m2.
  • 2008: Jysk opens its first stores in the United Kingdom. Mansfield and Lincoln opened in April, then Blackburn and York opened in the summer.
  • 2009: Jysk celebrates its 30th anniversary and launches an interactive story about the history of the company.



Map of countries with Jysk stores.
Country Opening year Number Note
 Denmark 1979 100 Jysk Nordic
 Germany 1984 905 Dänisches Bettenlager
 Greenland 1984 6 Franchise
 Faroe Islands 1986 1 Franchise
 Iceland 1987 5 Franchise
 Norway 1988 82 Jysk Nordic
 Sweden 1991 134 Jysk Nordic
 Finland 1995 69 Jysk Nordic
 Canada 1996 54 Franchise
 Latvia 1996 19 Franchise
 Poland 2000 187 Jysk Nordic
 Austria 2000 83 Dänisches Bettenlager
 Lithuania 2001 10 Franchise
 Estonia 2002 8 Franchise
 Czech Republic 2003 76 Jysk Nordic
 Ukraine 2004 28 Jysk Nordic
 Kosovo 2004 4 Franchise
 Hungary 2005 72 Jysk Nordic
 Bulgaria 2005 6 Franchise
  Switzerland 2006 45 Dänisches Bettenlager
 Netherlands 2006 84 Jysk Nordic
 Slovakia 2006 35 Jysk Nordic
 Kazakhstan 2006 1 Franchise
 Romania 2007 27 JYSK Nordic
 France 2007 26 Dänisches Bettenlager
 Macedonia 2008 1 Franchise
 Great Britain 2008 14 Jysk Nordic
 Slovenia 2008 19 Jysk Nordic
 Croatia 2009 39 Jysk Nordic
 Italy 2009 36 Dänisches Bettenlager
 Spain 2009 36 Dänisches Bettenlager
 Bosnia and Herzegovina 2010 17 Jysk Nordic
 China 2010 9 Jysk Nordic
 Serbia 2011 24 Jysk Nordic
 Armenia 2013 1 Franchise
 Indonesia 2014 6[5] Franchise
 Albania 2015 2 Franchise
 Greece 2015 4 Jysk Nordic
 Montenegro 2015 2 Jysk Nordic
 Vietnam 2015 2 Franchise
 Singapore 2016 1 Jysk Nordic
 Belgium 2017 1 -


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