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J. Moss
Birth name James Moss
Born (1971-09-22) September 22, 1971 (age 45)
Origin Detroit, Michigan, US
Genres Gospel, R&B, Hip hop, Soul
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, record producer, arranger
Years active 1996–present
Labels Island Inspirational
GospoCentric Records
Associated acts PAJAM
Karen Clark Sheard
The Clark Sisters

James Moss (born September 22, 1971), Detroit, Michigan, better known by his stage name J. Moss, is an American gospel musician, composer, producer and arranger.

Early years[edit]

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan as James Moss went to Cass Technical High School, the son of Gospel star Bill Moss, Sr., James spent much of his childhood on tours with his father's popular group, Bill Moss and the Celestials, and his cousin's group The Clark Sisters. As an early teen, Moss was teamed with his brother Bill Moss,Jr. in the singing duo The Moss Brothers.[1] They toured on weekends around the midwest and recorded two major label albums during their seven years together.

In this period James developed as a keyboardist and burgeoning songwriter. He was also learning first-hand the business of music. He attended Michigan State University for two years, but the desire to write and perform was too strong, and he left to seek a career in music.

Music career[edit]


Upon his return to Detroit, Moss signed with a small local Christian label Aviday Records[2] and released two albums to little fanfare. Yet, during this time he became acquainted with Paul Allen and Walter Kearney. The three began working together as PAJAM. Moss spent the mid-90s touring with The Clark Sisters and was signed, along with Karen Clark-Sheard, his cousin, to Island Records in 1996 to record a solo album.[2] While a proper release never materialized for Moss before Island Black Music shut its doors,[3] Clark's became a smash and introduced the Gospel world to the production powerhouse of PAJAM.

The J. Moss Project[edit]

Over the next seven years, the PAJAM team became Gospel music's most prolific hitmakers. However, Moss' desire to perform never went away, and in 2003 he and Allen began writing songs for what would ultimately become The J. Moss Project, released in September 2005 on GospoCentric Records.

Though PAJAM's work has been seen as a revolutionary blend of gospel and hip-hop style, The J. Moss Project is a surprisingly traditional affair. The set largely relies on familiar arrangements, and keeps its focus on Moss's clear tenor voice and strong backing choir vocals. The album made a grand entry with the upbeat lead single "I Wanna Be".

The disc includes a number of upbeat gospel numbers such as "Don't Pray and Worry" and "Psalm 150". J. Moss' lithe falsetto at times draws comparison to the likes of Prince and Tonéx on "Livin' 4". There are also several gentle ballads such as "Give You More" and the album's anthemic single "We Must Praise" that display J. Moss' range as a vocalist and songwriter.


On April 3, 2007, after several delays, J Moss released his second album V2... through GospoCentric Records. Appearances were made by contemporary Gospel group 21:03, Moss's cousin Kierra "Kiki" Sheard, Kirk Franklin, his cousin Karen Clark-Sheard, Marvin Winans of the famed Winans family, Byron Cage, Anthony Hamilton and American comedian Steve Harvey. Three bonus tracks ("Florida", "73 Degrees", and "Everybody Ain't Got a Word") were originally thought to be regular album tracks.

Just James[edit]

J. Moss released his third album Just James on August 25, 2009. The album spawned two gospel hits, the double A-side "Restored/I Gave It Up" and "Rebuild" and its 2010 remix single.

V4...The Other Side of Victory[edit]

J. Moss released his fourth album V4...The Other Side of Victory, with songs "God's Got It", "The Prayers" featuring Hezekiah Walker and Dorinda Clark-Cole, and the radio hit "Good and Bad".

Grown Folks Gospel[edit]

In 2014, J. Moss released his fifth album Grown Folks Gospel, which features Faith Evans, Fred Hammond, PJ Morton, 21:03 and the late Wayman Tisdale! The album includes the radio hit "Faith".

GFG Reload[edit]

On January 29, 2016, J. Moss released his sixth project, which includes a few favorites from the Grown Folks Gospel album, as well as a few new songs.



  • The J. Moss Project (GospoCentric, 2004)
  1. "Intro"
  2. "I Wanna Be" (James Moss[4], Paul D. Allen)[5]
  3. "Don't Pray & Worry" (James Moss)[6]
  4. "We Must Praise" (James Moss)[7]
  5. "You Brought Me" (James Moss[8], Paul D. Allen, Blaire White)[9]
  6. "Livin' 4" (James Moss[10], Paul D. Allen)[11]
  7. "Unto Thee" (James Moss)[12]
  8. "Don't Let" (James Moss)[13]
  9. "The More I Think" (James Moss)[14]
  10. "Psalm 150" (James Moss[15], Paul D. Allen)[16]
  11. "Give You More" (James Moss)[17]
  12. "Me Again" (James Moss)[18]
  13. "Work Your Faith" (James Moss[19], Paul D. Allen)[20]
  • J. Moss - record producer (2-3, 5-13), lead vocals, background vocals, keyboards, drums, bass played by, horns, strings, recording engineer, audio mixing
  • Paul "PDA" Allen - record producer (2-13), keyboards, drums, bass played by, horns, strings, recording engineer, audio mixing
  • Walter Kearney - record producer (13), production supervisor, audio mixing
  • David Mattix - assistant recording engineer
  • Bill Moss Sr. - keyboards, organ played by
  • Joe Peluso - assistant recording engineer

  • V2... (GospoCentric, 2007)
  1. "Jump, Jump" (featuring 21:03 & Kierra "Kiki" Sheard)
    (James Moss, Paul D. Allen, Walter Kearney, Brandon Holland, Byron Stanfield)[21]
  2. "Dance" (featuring Kirk Franklin)
    (James Moss)
  3. "Know Him" (featuring Karen Clark-Sheard)
    (James Moss, Paul D. Allen, Walter Kearney, Rodrick Long)[22]
  4. "I'm Not Perfect" (featuring Anthony Hamilton)
    (James Moss, Paul D. Allen, Walter Kearney, Brandon Holland, Byron Stanfield)[23]
  5. "Abundantly"
    (James Moss)
  6. "We Love You" (featuring Byron Cage & Marvin L. Winans)
    (James Moss, Paul D. Allen, Byron Cage)[24]
  7. "Praise on the Inside"
    (James Moss)
  8. "Holding On"
    (James Moss)[25]
  9. "Afraid"
    (James Moss, Paul D. Allen)[26]
  10. "Let It Go"
    (James Moss, Paul D. Allen, Brandon Holland, Byron Stanfield, Walter Kearney)[27]
  11. "Nobody"
    (James Moss)
  12. "Operator"
    (James Moss, Paul D. Allen)
  13. "Steve Harvey Show (Interlude)" (voices by Steve Harvey)
    (James Moss, Paul D. Allen, Brandon Holland, Byron Stan field, Walter Kearney, Rodney Levens, Willie Woods)[28]
  14. "Florida" (with PDA)
    (James Moss, Paul D. Allen, Walter Kearney, Brandon Holland, Byron Stanfield)[29]
  • J. Moss - PAJAM Group Member, Lead & Background Vocals, Additional Instruments, Recording Engineer
  • Lloyd Barry - Horns arranged by, Strings arranged by
  • Monica Brown - Production Coordinator
  • Byron Cage - Vocals (6)
  • Vinnie Ciesielski - Trumpet
  • Karen Clark Sheard - Lead & Background Vocals (3)
  • Dana Davis - Drums
  • Darryl "Major D" Dixon - Guitar
  • Kirk Franklin - Vocals (2)
  • Barry Green - Trombone
  • Torrence Green - 21:03 Group Member, Background Vocals (1)
  • Anthony Hamilton - Vocals (4)
  • Walter Kearney - PAJAM Group Member, Production Supervisor
  • Rodrick Long - Keyboards
  • Evin Martin - 21:03 Group Member, Lead Vocals (1)
  • Doug Moffet - Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
  • Nashville String Machine - Strings performed by, Strings arranged by
  • PAJAM - Record Producers (All Tracks)
  • Terrance Palmer - Bass played by
  • Steve Patrick - Trumpet
  • PDA (aka Paul D. Allen) - PAJAM Group Member, Vocals (Lead on 14, Additional), Additional Instruments, Recording Engineer, Audio Mixing
  • Jor'el Quinn - 21:03 Group Member, Background Vocals (1)
  • Kierra "Kiki" Sheard - Lead Vocals (1)
  • Marvin L. Winans - Vocals (6)

  • Just James (GospoCentric, 2009)

Information is Based on Liner Notes[30]

  1. "I Gave It Up" (James L. Moss, Paul D. Allen, Walter Kearney)
  2. "So Into You" (James L. Moss)
  3. "Restored" (James L. Moss)
  4. "Anointing" (James L. Moss)
  5. "Sweet Jesus" (James L. Moss)
  6. "No More" (James L. Moss, Paul D. Allen, Byron Stanfield, Brandon Holland)
  7. "God Happens" (James L. Moss, Paul D. Allen)
  8. "Holy One" (James L. Moss)
  9. "Rebuild" (James L. Moss, Paul D. Allen, Walter Kearney, Rod Long)
  10. "Just James" (James L. Moss, Paul D. Allen)
  • J Moss (of PAJAM) - record producer, recording engineer, audio mixing, lead vocals, background vocals, instruments (all tracks)
  • Paul "PDA" Allen (of PAJAM) - record producer, recording engineer, audio mixing, additional vocals, instruments (all tracks)
  • Walter Kearney (of PAJAM) - additional record producer (1), production supervisor
  • Jon Merritt - assistant recording engineer
  • Millenni Era String Machine - orchestral arrangement
  • Bill Moss Jr. - organ played by (2-5, 8)
  • PAJAM - orchestral arrangement
  • Karen Clark-Sheard - additional background vocals (3)
  • J. Drew Sheard - live drums (2)
  • Melanie Wimberly - production coordinator
  • Remixed, Rare & Unreleashed (GospoCentric, 2010)
  • V4...The Other Side (GospoCentric, 2012)[31]
  • Grown Folks Gospel (Central South, 2014)
  • GFG Reload (Central South, 2016)


  • "We Must Praise"
  • "Psalm 150"
  • "Operator"
  • "Praise On the Inside"
  • "I'm Not Perfect" (featuring Anthony Hamilton)
  • "Abundantly"
  • "Restored/I Gave It Up"
  • "Rebuild"
  • "Rebuild: The Remix"
  • "The Prayers" (featuring Hezekiah Walker & LFC)
  • "Good & Bad"
  • "God's Got It"

Production discography[edit]

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