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J Storm Inc.
Private (subsidiary of Johnny & Associates)
Industry Music, Film
Founded 2001
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Key people

Julie Keiko Fujishima , Mary Kitagawa

(President, CEO)
Parent Johnny & Associates
Subsidiaries J-One Records
Website J Storm Official Website
J Storm
Parent company Johnny & Associates
Founded 2001
Founder Johnny Kitagawa
Distributor(s) Japan Sony Music Marketing[1]
Hong Kong Avex Asia
Taiwan Avex Taiwan
South Korea S.M. Entertainment
Thailand GMM Grammy
Philippines Universal Records
Genre J-pop
Country of origin Japan Japan
Location Tokyo

J Storm, Inc. (株式会社ジェイ・ストーム, Kabushikigaisha Jei Sutom) is a Japanese music and film company owned by Johnny & Associates. It was established on November 12, 2001, initially as a label for the Johnny's group, Arashi, after which it was named (Arashi, or 嵐 in Japanese text translates to "Storm").[2]

Aside from producing and releasing CDs and DVDs, the company also produces films for Johnny's various talents. J Storm also has the same strict policies for portrait rights of its talents with its parent company. Among others, images of their talents are prohibited to appear in websites, though recently, on 28 February 2011, the ban was lifted and loosened the regulations (it is still prohibited in news sites).[3]

The company's releases are currently being distributed by Avex Asia in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Sony Music in Japan, SM Entertainment in South Korea, GMM Grammy in Thailand, and recently, Universal Records in the Philippines.[4]


J Storm produced Arashi's singles and albums since 2002 with the release of the single, "A Day in Our Life" after being signed under Pony Canyon from their debut in 1999. In 2007, Hey! Say! JUMP debuted and began to release singles and albums under J Storm. They became the largest group to debut in Johnny's history. In 2008, another Johnny's group, Tokio, began to release under the J Storm label.

J-One Records[edit]

J-One records is KAT-TUN's exclusive record label. It was named J-One for the label's thrust of releasing chart-topping releases. Currently, all of their released singles and albums have reached the top of the Oricon charts.


  • Pika☆nchi Life is Hard Dakedo Happy 「ピカ☆ンチ Life is Hard だけど Happy」 (2002)
  • Cosmic Rescue (2003)
  • Pika☆☆nchi Life is Hard Dakara Happy 「ピカ☆☆ンチ Life is Hard だから Happy」(2004)
  • Fantastipo (2005)
  • Hold Up Down 「ホールドアップダウン」 (2006)
  • Kiiroi Namida 「黄色い涙」 (2007)
  • Otonari 「おと・な・り」 (2008)
  • The Seaside Motel 「シーサイドモーテル」 (2010)
  • Topknot Pudding 「ちょんまげぷりん」 (2010)
  • Eight Ranger 「エイトレンジャー」 (2012)
  • It's me, It's me 「俺俺」 (2013)
  • Pikanchi Half 「ピカ☆★☆ンチ Life is Hard たぶん Happy」 (2014)
  • La La La at Rock Bottom 「味園ユニバース」 (2015)


Notable soundtrack releases[edit]


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