J Xaverre

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J Xaverre
Origin England, UK
Genres Laptop folk
Years active 2000–present
Labels Odeam
Moshi Moshi Music
Memphis Industries
Members Pete Gofton
Lea Doherty
Jon Brooks

J Xaverre is a Laptop folk band from Sunderland in the North-East of England. To all practical intents and purposes a solo effort from Pete Gofton, he has occasionally been joined by Lea Doherty on vocals and the King of Woolworths member Jon Brooks on keyboards & production.


One of many aliases for Sunderland-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Pete Gofton.

After his previous band Kenickie split in 1998, he got a solo publishing deal with Universal Records. He purchased some recording equipment, and began the first incarantion of his studio, Wang Computers. He produced bands such as Spraydog and Woodchuck, and the recordings of his ex-Kenickie bandmate (and sibling) Lauren Laverne.

He released his first single, a vinyl only seven inch Wild Weekend/Nilsong, in 2000, on Odeam, his flatmate's label. He then released 2 EPs (Bingo Wings and Skaterdater) in 2001 and 2002 on Moshi Moshi Records. The former attained single of the week status in the NME.

He signed to the Memphis Industries label, releasing several singles and an album, These Acid Stars, in 2003.





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