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JaQuel Knight
Born(1989-08-06)August 6, 1989
OccupationChoreographer and dancer
Years active2005 - present

JaQuel Knight (born August 6, 1989) is an American choreographer and dancer. Born in North Carolina, and raised in Atlanta, he is commonly known for working with singer Beyoncé on various videos and events, including Single Ladies, Formation and the historic Coachella performances which she headlined.[1]

Early life[edit]

JaQuel Knight was born on August 6, 1989 in North Carolina and raised in Atlanta. At an early age, he used to imitate choreography from MTV music videos. At fourteen, he took his first dance class which had a huge impact for him persuade dance as a career. After his departure on a band where he played the saxophone for seven years in high school, he established a dance group TruStuylz when he was sixteen.[2]


His group, TruStuylz performed for local talent shows and celebrity basketball games.[3] Knight then landed a spot for dancing to "Walk It Out" on the BET Hip Hop Awards stage. He began teaching at Dance 411 which led him visiting Los Angeles for 10 days. He described the experience as his destiny.[4]

Knight auditioned from learning lessons from Chuck Maldadnado. His first major choreography was for a promo tour by Michelle Williams.[5] He substandard moments as he auditioned for several auditions but didn't make the cut for all of them. The experience made him more prepared and independent.

Knight choreographed music videos from various artists, which include Beyoncé, Chris Brown, Britney Spears, Kelly Rowland, Nicole Scherzinger, Tinashe and Brandy.[6] He mainly works with Beyoncé since he was 18, as he choreographed several music videos including Single Ladies, Formation, Diva and Drunk in Love.[7] He also worked with her in notable events including her 2 consecutive tours and Coachella performances which are described as historic.[8][9] Knight also choreographed various events including The X Factor, The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, Good Morning America and Britain's Got Talent.[10] On 2013, Knight started his production company based in Los Angeles. It oversees a group of artists, songwriters and producers and producing short films.


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