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Ja imam talenat!
Ja imam talenat! 2012 logo.jpg
Genre Reality show, talent show, entertainment
Created by Syco
Presented by Ana Mihajlovski
Judges Ivan Tasovac(2009–2013)
Ivan Bosiljčić (2012–2013)
Nataša Ninković (2012–2013)
Danica Maksimović (2009–11, 2016-)
Aleksandar Milić Mili (2009–12)
Mina Lazarević (2011–12)
Ana Nikolic (2016-)
Srđan Žika Todorović (2016–)
Stefan Đurić Rasta (2016-)
Country of origin Serbia
No. of series 5
Running time 45-120 minutes
Original network RTS (2011–2013)
RTV Pink (2009;2016)
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Original release 21 September 2009 (2009-09-21) – 24 February 2013 (2013-02-24)
Related shows Got Talent

Ja imam talenat! (Serbian Cyrillic: Ја имам таленат!, translation: I've Got Talent!) is a Serbian television series, format of Got Talent series. It is hosted by Vladimir Aleksić and Ivana Bajić; the judges are: director of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and pianist Ivan Tasovac, theater and movie actress Nataša Ninković, theater and television actor Ivan Bosiljčić. Former judges include Danica Maksimović (actress), Aleksandar Milić Mili (composer and record producer) and Mina Lazarević (actress). The show debuted on September 21, 2009. So far four series have been broadcast.

The first series was broadcast on RTV Pink while the other series were broadcast by Serbian public service broadcaster RTS. In 2016. format was broadcasting on RTV Pink with new judges.


The format for Ja imam talenat! is the same as most Got Talent shows: acts first audition in front of the producers, and later in front of the judges and live audience.
Contestants are interviewed by the show hosts, and then they go on the stage where they talk a bit in front of the judges, usually introducing them to their act. Each of the judges has a buzzer in front of them, and if they don't like the performance, they can hit it. If an act receives all three buzzers their time on the stage is over; after that the judges give their reason for buzzing (and usually all three of them give an act a 'no'). If an act receives two or less buzzers, they can continue their performance, after which the judges comment on it, and vote. The majority vote decides if the contestants proceed in the competition: if an act gets two or more 'yeses' they're through to the next round, while two or more 'noes' means they leave the competition. After an act leaves the stage, they are interviewed by the show hosts once more.
After all the auditions, judges have to pick top forty from all the acts that they've sent through. The top forty, usually referred to as the semi-finalists, are divided into five groups of eight acts, and they compete in live shows for the public vote. During semi-final shows, public gets to vote their favourite three acts of the night. The act with the most votes goes directly to the final, while second act is voted on by the judges from the other two acts that got the top votes.

I ja imam talenat![edit]

During the second season a companion show was made, called I ja imam talenat (meaning: I've got talent as well!). It is hosted by Una Senić.
It is broadcast on a daily basis, and it focuses on the contestants seen during that week's main show. The contestants are usually interviewed back in their hometowns, and talk about their everyday life, and how they develop their talents. The show also features some of the auditions that have not made the weekly show.
During the semi-finals and the final, the show gives a backstage look to all of the performances, and how the producers and acts come up with performances.

First season (2009)[edit]

For the first season, over 2500 acts applied,[1] and the auditions were held in three cities: Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš. Even though most of the acts were from Serbia, there were some contestants that came from Croatia and Macedonia.[1]

List of finalists:

Contestants Act (talent) notes
Pilerovi young trio of musicians
Sandra Todorović female opera singer
Marko Pavlović male opera singer
placed third
Karolina Kočetova young show tunes singer
Oliver Katić musician
placed second
Biljana Đurđević etno (folk) singer
Aleksandar i Ilija street dancers
City Dance Studio female dance group
Mateja Jezdić young drummer
Marija Lazić musician

Second season (2011)[edit]

Auditions for the second season were held in late August and during the first days of September 2010. Over 4000 acts applied,[2] and the auditions took place in 4 cities: Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš and Kragujevac.

Logo used for the first two series.

Even though there were rumors that the judging panel would change, it stayed the same. First episode was to be aired on 18 October,[3] but the broadcast was indefinitely delayed. In addition to the main show, producers announced that this year they will make a companion show as well.
In April 2011 the host of the show Vladimir Aleksić announced that the second season will start on April 17 on RTS.[4] By the 4 June 2011, 9 shows of auditions were broadcast, and the first semi-final should started on 11 June 2011.
This was the first season that a companion show was produced and broadcast (I ja imam talenat!); the same format of the companion show was kept for the later series.
The series was won by a pair of deaf dancers, Milica and Nenad. In 2012, Nenad was featured in Željko Joksimović's video for Nije Ljubav Stvar, song that will represent Serbia in 2012 Eurovision Song Contest.

Third season (2011 - 2012)[edit]

Soon after the second series ended, applications for the third series were opened.
For the third series, the judging panel was altered - Danica Maksimović is replaced with Mina Lazarević.[5] The press reported that Danica and the production company couldn't reach an agreement on how much she would be paid for doing the show, so it was decided that Mina would take her place.[6]
Series premiere was on 20 November 2011. For the first time the series logo was changed - the new logo looks like the one used for the fifth series of the British version of the show, with slightly altered colour scheme.
This year the producers decided to promote the show online, more than the previous years, and for the first time they made an official YouTube, Facebook and Twitter account for the series.
The series winners are Bojana and Nikola Peković - siblings who originally performed individually, but were put together by the producers before they were put through the semi-finals.[7]
On the day of the series final, online application forms were opened for the next series. Two weeks after the final, Mili announced that he will not be coming back as a judge for the fourth series saying that he feels he cannot bring anything new for the further series and that he wants to focus on his other projects.[7] After Mili left the judging panel, press started speculating who might replace him. Some press reported that Anica Dobra might be the new judge, and that producers are thinking of renewing the whole judging panel as well.[8]

Fourth season (2012 - 2013)[edit]

During the final, application forms were put online. Over 400 acts applied on the night of the final.[9] The first two weeks, auditionees had the chance to apply via show's Facebook page. After two weeks, other ways to apply were opened (via text and web-page). Producers also announced that they might go scouting for acts that would not usually apply themselves.
After Mili left the judging panel, press started speculating who would replace him, and if the whole panel would be changed. The producers announced that it was still too early to say who would take his place and whether the panel will be changed entirely.[10]
On 29 August, the official Facebook page of the show published photos along with the caption: "pre-auditions are in progress" - referring to the producer auditions. Also, around that time, rumors started circulating that Mina had left the juding panel. Lather on it was confirmed that her and Mili's places would be replaced with Nataša Ninković and Ivan Bosiljčić.[11]
First episode of the series was broadcast on November 18.

Fifth season[edit]

The winner is Bar Strong, a group of young guys from Serbia. The next, sixt season coming soon.


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