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Born (1989-05-25) May 25, 1989 (age 29)[1]
Punjab, India[2]
OriginGidderbaha, Punjab
Occupation(s)Song writer
Years active2012–present

Jaani is a Punjabi songwriter from Gidderbaha, Punjab, India.[2] He is notable for his work with composer B Praak on songs like Qismat, Mann Bharrya, Hath Chumme, Naah,Soch, Kya Baat Ay and many more.[3][4]


He started his career with a religious song, "Sant Sipahi", in 2012. However, he gained fame after song "Soch", sung by Hardy Sandhu and composed by B Praak. The music video of this song was directed by Arvindr Khaira. A Hindi version of "Soch" was released as well.

Jaani is also an inspiring music composer, he compose almost all of his written songs along with B Praak.

Since "Soch", B Praak, Jaani, Arvindr Khaira, and Hardy Sandhu have worked as a team, producing blockbuster Punjabi songs, such as "Joker", "Backbone" , "HornBlow" , "Naah" , "Yaar Ni Mileya" and "Kya Baat Ay".[5][6]

His album "Shayar" with composer B Praak released in 2015, which includes tracks like "Taara" by Ammy Virk, "Ik Saal" by Jassie Gill and "Naa Ji Naa" by Hardy Sandhu, was a huge hit. He is often considered as one of the most successful and followed lyricist of all time in Punjabi industry, with every other song loved by the viewers.He has collaborated with singers like Jassie Gill,Ammy Virk,Diljit Dosanjh,Hardy Sandhu,Prabh Gill,Amrinder Gill,Kamal Khan,Gippy Grewal,Sunanda Sharma and many more.

His song "Jaani Tera Naa" by Sunanda Sharma which was a blockbuster, was the first song ever named after a lyricist. He was the man behind the beautiful and soulful songs of the movie "Qismat" starring Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta in the lead roles.


S. No Song Singer Year Music
1 Soch Hardy Sandhu 2013 B Praak
2 Joker Hardy Sandhu 2014 B Praak
3 Saree Wali Girl Girik Aman 2014 B Praak
4 Ik Saal Jassi Gill 2014 B Praak
5 Taara Ammy Virk 2015 B Praak
6 Jaguar Sukh E Muzical Doctorz Feat Bohemia 2015 Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz
7 Go Baby Go RONNIE 2015 B Praak
8 Supna Amrinder Gill 2015 B Praak
9 Naa Ji Naa Hardy Sandhu 2015 B Praak
10 Mere Kol Prabh Gill 2015 B Praak
11 O Kithe Kamal Khan 2015 B praak
12 Yaar Matlabi Karan Benipal 2015 B Praak
13 Paani Yuvraj Hans 2015 B Praak
14 All Black Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz Feat Raftaar 2015 Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz
15 Horn Blow Hardy Sandhu 2016 B Praak
16 Surma To Sandals Ammy Virk 2016 B Praak
17 Do Din Manraaj 2016 B Praak
18 Dard Sonu Nigam 2016 T-Series,jeet ganguli
19 Marijuana Hardik Trehan 2016 B Praak
20 Oscar Gippy Grewal 2016 B Praak
21 Ik Vaari Hor Soch Le (Debut track of Harish Verma) Harish Verma 2016 B Praak
22 Hauli Hauli BIG Dhillon 2016 B Praak
23 Gabroo Jassi Gill 2016 Preet Hundal
24 Suicide Sukhe Musical Doctorz 2016 B Praak
25 Bacha Prab Gill 2016 B Praak
26 Backbone Harrdy Sandhu 2016 B Praak
27 Pucheya Na Karo Sammy Singh 2016 B Praak
28 Ghat Boldi Gippy Grewal 2016 B Praak
29 Subha Subha Ranvir 2016 B Praak
30 Do You Know Diljit Dosanjh 2016 B Praak
31 Kudiye Snapchat Waliye Ranvir Feat Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz 2017 Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz
32 Star B Jay Randhawa Feat Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz 2017 Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz
33 Mann Bharya (Debut Track Of B Praak) B Praak 2017 B Praak
34 Yaar Ve Harish Verma 2017 B Praak
35 Oye Hoye Oye Hoye Jaz Dhami 2017 B Praak
36 Car Nachdi Gippy Grewal Feat Bohemia 2017 B Praak
37 Qismat Ammy Virk 2017 B Praak
38 Gall Goriye Manninder Buttar Feat Raftaar (rapper) 2017 Raftaar
39 Superstar Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz 2017 Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz
40 Violin Arshhh Feat Roach Killa 2017 B Praak
41 Bewafaai B Praak 2017 B Praak
42 Jimmy Choo Choo Guri Feat Ikka 2017 B Praak
43 Yaar Ni Milya Harrdy Sandhu 2017 B Praak
44 Jaani Tera Naa Sunanda Sharma 2017 Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz
45 Guitar Sikhda Jassi Gill 2018 B Praak
46 Naah Harrdy Sandhu 2018 B Praak
47 Nai Shad Da Gippy Grewal 2018 Jay K (Jassi Katyal)
48 Mill Lo Na Guri 2018 Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz
49 Insane Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz 2018 Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz
50 Dil Ton Black Jassi Gill feat Badshah (rapper) 2018 B Praak
51 Jean Gucci Di Gagan Dhillon 2018 Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz
52 Hath Chumme Ammy Virk 2018 B Praak
53 Bamb Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz Feat Badshah 2018 Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz
54 Sooraj Gippy Grewal 2018 B Praak
55 Mastaani B Praak 2018 B Praak
56 Morni Sunanda Sharma 2018 Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz
57 Kaun Hoyega B Praak and Divya bhatta 2018 B Praak
58 Mai Terra Akshay Babbal Rai ft Bohemia (rapper) 2018 B Praak
59 Fakira Gurnaam bhullar 2018 B Praak
60 Dholna B Praak 2018 B Praak
61 Nikle Currant Jassi Gill and Neha Kakkar 2018 Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz
62 Pasand Jatt Di Ammy Virk 2018 Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz
63 Kya Baat Ay Hardy Sandhu 2018 B Praak
64 Teri Khamiyan Akhil 2018 B Praak
65 Pinjraa Gurnazar Chattha 2018 B Praak
66 I Need Yaa Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz 2018 B Praak
67 Coka Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz 2019 Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz



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