Jabal Awliya

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Jabal Awliya (Jabal al Awliyā', Jebel Aulia, Gebel Aulia) is a village in the north-central part of Sudan,[1] about 40 km south of Khartoum. Nearby is the Jebel Aulia Dam, built in 1937 by the British for the Egyptian government. Jabal Awliya became a refuge camp during the Second Sudanese Civil War, housing more than 100,000 inhabitants.[2] On February 26, 1996, a Sudanese C-130 transport plane crashed at Jabal Awliya, killing 53.[3]


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Coordinates: 15°14′43″N 32°29′49″E / 15.24528°N 32.49694°E / 15.24528; 32.49694