Jabbar Alluaibi

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Jabbar Alluaibi
Minister of Oil
In office
19 July 2016 – 24 October 2018
Prime MinisterHaider al-Abadi
Preceded byAdil Abdul-Mahdi
Succeeded byThamir Ghadhban
Personal details
Born (1955-06-13) 13 June 1955 (age 64)
OccupationPolitician, Iraqi Minister of Oil

Jabbar Ali Hussein Alluaibi (Arabic: جبار اللعيبي‎; born 13 June 1955) is an Iraqi politician who was in the position of the Iraqi Minister of Oil.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13]


The positions in which he worked[edit]

  • 1973: Assistant engineer / field exploration and fielding.[citation needed]
  • 1974: Assistant engineer / engineer loading oil in export / Fao port.[citation needed]
  • 1975: Engineer / production engineer in Rumaila fields.[citation needed]
  • 1977: Production Engineer oldest.[citation needed]
  • 1978: Engineer production area.[citation needed]
  • 1980: Senior Engineer / Head of the Technical Division in the Production Department.[citation needed]
  • 1982: Senior engineer / export outlets director / assistant director of production department + assistant director of gas department.[citation needed]
  • 1983: Warehouse Manager - Pipeline Section.[citation needed]
  • 1985: Senior engineer / director of water injection department / First Deputy Director of General Operations + Deputy Director of Maintenance Department.[citation needed]
  • 1987: Senior Engineer, Director of Production Department + First Deputy Director of General Operations + Deputy Director General Directorate of Security and Airfields.[citation needed]
  • 1998: Expert / Production Division Manager / First Assistant Director of Operations Division.[citation needed]
  • 1999: Expert / Director of Planning Department (Directorate of Planning and Budgeting).[citation needed]
  • 2000: Expert / Head of the Directorate of Planning and Projects Studies.[citation needed]
  • 2001: Expert / Director of Project Management Department.[citation needed]
  • 2002: Expert / Director of Project Directorate.[citation needed]
  • 2003: Expert / General Manager of South Oil Company.[citation needed]
  • 2008: Expert / Advisor to the Minister.[14]
  • 2009-2010: South Oil Company Director General[15]
  • 2016: Iraqi Minister of Oil[16]

Minister of Oil[edit]

Alluaibi was approved as Minister of Oil by Iraq's parliament in August 2016[17] and on 15 August 2016 was sworn in as minister[18] in the cabinet of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. Alluaibi replaced former Minister of Oil Adel Abdul Mahdi, who had suspended his cabinet seat in March 2016.[19] Alluaibi is not formally connected to any political party and had been criticizing the inefficiency of the ministry of oil as early as 2009.[20] In December 2017 Aluaibi signed a crude-oil exchange deal with Iran for one year, to export oil from northern Iraqi Kirkuk oilfield.[21] In early 2018 Iraq also signed a deal with a U.S. company to further develop oil and gas fields in the south. The deal was described as an "important step" by Alluaibi.[22]

Aluaibi regularly appears on national and international media, commenting on the developments within Iraq's oil and gas sector.[23][24][25][26][27]

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