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Jabber.org is a public, free instant messaging (IM) and presence service, based on XMPP, an open standard for IM.


Jabber.org was started in 1999[1] and has offered free instant messaging continuously since. It originally served as the development test bed for the jabberd project, the original Jabber/XMPP server.[2] After becoming more stable it also became more popular with end users. As of 2012, it was a public production service, and one of the biggest nodes[citation needed] on the open XMPP network, with an average of 17,000 users logged in at a time.[3]

Jabber.org originally ran on what is now known as Jabberd14. In 2006 the service was migrated to ejabberd[4] on which it ran until 2010. In 2010 the service was migrated to Isode Limited's M-Link XMPP Server.[5] Which was then migrated to Prosody in 2023 resulting in slight account disruption.[6]

Originally, Jabber.org also offered Jabber accounts. Since June 25, 2013 it stopped offering new accounts[7] although it supports Jabber/XMPP accounts created by other services.[1]


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