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Developer(s)Matthias Wimmer
Stable release / July 22, 2007; 11 years ago (2007-07-22)
Written inC and C++
TypeXMPP server
LicenseGPL and JOSL

jabberd14 (formerly known as jabberd) is a cross-platform XMPP server daemon. It is free, licensed under open-source JOSL and GPL. jabberd2 was intended to be jabberd 1.4's successor but in 2006 the jabberd 1.4 project was still being developed.

jabberd14 v1.6.x used with the jadc2s client connection manager now fully supports the XMPP RFC 3920 and RFC 3921.

The software allows individuals to be a part of the XMPP network of servers or to create their own separate instant messaging network.

Its popularity was initially high among XMPP servers, as for quite some time, jabberd was the only XMPP server software available. Jabberd's popularity has since waned considerably as other XMPP daemons have since been released. Criticisms inspiring other XMPP implementations include jabberd's complex, XML-based configuration and scalability at large sites. Indeed, Jabber.org migrated to ejabberd after a period of extended downtime related to jabberd eating all server resources during peak hours.[1] In 2010 Jabber.org was then migrated to M-Link XMPP from Isode Limited. [2]

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