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Noabe (former Jablocom)
Productsmobile phones
WebsiteNoabe (former Jablocom)

Jablocom is a Czech company that produces mobile phones. In 2005 it was settled as mobile spinoff[1] of the Czech electrotechnical holding Jablotron Group. In 2017 company was sold by Jablotron to private hands (to one of its founders) and in spring 2018 it was renamed to NOABE s.r.o. Nevertheless Jablocom brand is still used on all products. Jablocom aroused in 2005 a great interest in its model "the world's largest mobile phone".[2] Mobile desktop phones (mobile phone in the shape of a desk phone) was originally designed for old people, however, it aroused great interest in regions with poor condition of landline and at mobile operators, who see it as another tool in competition with fixed lines. Today majority of phones are used in offices and other work places. Phone designs changed accordingly, in 2014 first desktop smartphone with Android was introduced[3] and cloud administration tools for all current Jablocom phones was launched.


  • Essence GDP-06e
  • Essence GDP-06i
  • Raven GDP-08
  • Essence GDP-06
  • JabloPhone GDP-04i 3G
  • JabloPhone GDP-04i RF
  • JabloPhone GDP-04Ai
  • JabloPhone GDP-04i
  • JabloPhone GDP-04A
  • JabloPhone GDP-04
  • JabloPhone GDP-02


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