Jabril ibn Bukhtishu

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Jabril ibn Bukhtishu, (Jibril ibn Bakhtisha) also written as Bakhtyshu, was an 8-9th century physician from the Bukhtishu family of Assyrian Nestorian physicians from the Academy of Gundishapur. He spoke the Syriac language.[1]

Grandson of Jirjis ibn Jibril, he lived in the second half of the eighth century.

He was physician to Ja'far the Barmakide, then in 805-6 to Harun al-Rashid and later to al-Ma'mun; died in 828-29; buried in the monastery of St. Sergios in Madain (Ctesiphon).

He wrote various medical works and exerted much influence upon the progress of science in Baghdad. He was a member of the Bakhtyashu family. He took pains to obtain Greek medical manuscripts and patronized the translators.

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