Jabal Saraj District

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Jabal Saraj District
Jabal Saraj District, Parwan Province.
Jabal Saraj District, Parwan Province.
Country  Afghanistan
Province Parwan Province
Capital Jabal Saraj
Population (2002[1])
 • Total 120,000
Time zone Afghanistan Standard Time (UTC+4:30)

Jabal Sarāj (Persian/Pashto: جبل سراج) or Jabal al-Sirāj is a district of Parwan Province located north of the capital Kabul, Afghanistan. It is surrounded by the high peaks of mountains. During summer, people from Kabul and other provinces come to Jabal Saraj for vacation.[citation needed] The capital is the town of Jabal Saraj.

Jabal Saraj is a historic village of Afghanistan named by King Habibullah in the beginning of the 20th century as this district was one of the favourite sightseeing areas for the King with a special palace for the summer.[citation needed] The ruins of the palace and the other ancient sites can be seen as the city experienced the consequences of the Communist Regime's invasion of Afghanistan.[clarification needed] Jabal Saraj's economy relies on a textile factory, built in 1937, a cement factory and agriculture.