Jacaré-Pepira River

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Jacaré-Pepira River
Parque dos Saltos - Rio Jacaré Pepira - Brotas - panoramio.jpg
Waterfall of the river near Brotas
Country Brazil
Physical characteristics
Main source São Paulo state
River mouth Tietê River
21°54′47″S 48°53′15″W / 21.91306°S 48.88750°W / -21.91306; -48.88750Coordinates: 21°54′47″S 48°53′15″W / 21.91306°S 48.88750°W / -21.91306; -48.88750
Length 174 km [1]

The Jacaré-Pepira River is a river of São Paulo state in southeastern Brazil. It flows into the Tietê River near Ibitinga.

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