Jacek Małachowski

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Jacek Małachowski
Jacek Małachowski.JPG
Portrait by Józef Peszka
Coat of arms Nałęcz
Consort Petronela Antonina Rzewuska
Jan Małachowski
Franciszka Małachowska
Family House of Małachowski
Father Jan Małachowski
Mother Izabela Humiecka
Born (1737-08-25)August 25, 1737
Died March 27, 1821(1821-03-27) (aged 83)

Jacek Małachowski, of the Nałęcz coat-of-arms (1737–1821) was a Polish nobleman, politician and administrator.

He was Crown Deputy Master of the Pantry since 1764. Referendary of the Crown in 1764-1780, Deputy Chancellor the Crown since 1780 and Grand Chancellor of the Crown since 1786.[1] Starost of Piotrków, Radom, Stary Sącz and Gródek[disambiguation needed].

Marshal of the Coronation Sejm in December 3–20, 1764 in Warsaw.[1]

He was a supporter of the Russian faction.[1] During the Great Sejm of 1788-1792 he supported tentative reforms such as strengthening of the executive and army, but also maintaining ties with Russia.[1] He was among the opponents of the Constitution of 3 May and eventually joined the Targowica Confederation that overthrew it.[1]