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This article is about a comic book character. For the Regency fashion style, see Dandy.
Publication information
Publisher Image Comics
Maximum Press
Awesome Entertainment
Arcade Comics (upcoming)
First appearance Supreme
Created by Alan Moore & Rob Liefeld

Jack-A-Dandy is a fictional comic book super villain created by writer Alan Moore and artist Rob Liefeld, as guided by Mort Weisinger. The character is modeled after the Joker and the Riddler to be the archenemy of comic book hero Professor Night, which is a character based on the Batman mythos.

His gimmick consists of dressing like an early twentieth century high society gentleman and creating havoc out of boredom. In one of the Supreme earlier stories, he teams up with Darius Dax to switch Supreme and Professor Night's minds, but the duo manage to reverse the effect and switch the minds of the two villains.