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JackBe Corporation was a privately held vendor of enterprise mashup software for real-time intelligence applications.[1] In August 2013 JackBe was acquired by Software AG.[2][3]

JackBe's flagship product is an enterprise mashup platform called Presto, which is used for enterprise mashups, business management dashboards, and real-time intelligence applications.[4]

Enterprise Mashup Products[edit]

JackBe’s main product, Presto, is an enterprise mashup platform. Presto provides real-time intelligence through functionality for self-service, on-demand data integration, and business dashboards.[5]

JackBe launched a cloud computing-based version of its Presto product in March 2010.[6] It is hosted on Amazon EC2. Jackbe launched Mashup Sites for SharePoint (MSS) in July 2010[7] Jackbe announced an Enterprise App Depot in 2010, as a platform for creating internal application directories.[8] The Enterprise App Depot is aimed at non-developers (business users), allowing them to create new business applications and then share the applications with other users.[9] Industry analyst Joe McKendrick described the Enterprise App Store, as a "cool idea" on ZDNet.[10]

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