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Jack Absalom (born 1927) is an Australian artist, author and adventurer.

Born in Port Augusta, South Australia, he worked in the North Mine at Broken Hill, New South Wales, where he has resided for the past 66 years. He was brought up in the Nullarbor, west of Port Augusta, South Australia and from an early age developed a wide knowledge of the Australian outback from Indigenous Australians (Aboriginals) who still existed in tribes at that time.[1]

In 1972, Absalom made a trip to the Flinders Ranges with a group of artists. Although he had never before painted, he felt a great urge to paint the landscape and a natural talent was discovered. He was one of the members of the Brushmen of the Bush – a group of five artists who exhibited in Australia and all over the world for many years raising money for charity. [1] In April 1997 he opened his gallery in Broken Hill which showcases his oil paintings, prints, publications, DVDs and his opal collection. Each year Absalom disappears into the Australian outback for two months to paint.

He also starred in a number of television series produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) covering survival techniques and documentaries on the Australian outback, including “Absalom's Outback” when he travelled to remote outback locations in a Chrysler Sigma.[1]

Absalom has been the recipient of various awards, including “Australian Achiever of the Year Award” 1988 and the “Advance Australia Award” in 1995 both acknowledging his contribution to art; “Broken Hill Citizenship Award” for his promotion of Broken Hill; and “Medal of the Order of Australia” (OAM) in 2006 for service to the visual arts as a painter and to the community through fundraising for a range of charitable organisations.[2]


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