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Jack Angel is an individual who claimed to be a victim of spontaneous human combustion. Angel says that, on November 12, 1974 while in Savannah, Georgia, U.S., he awoke in his motorhome with severe burns on his hand, chest, and other parts of his body.[1]

No signs of burning were found in the motorhome, and Angel's clothing had not been burned. Angel claims a doctor told him the burning happened "internally" and he was a survivor of spontaneous human combustion. Skeptical investigator Joe Nickell wrote that Angel's story is contradicted by a 1975 testimony delivered to the Fulton County Superior Court in a civil-action suit filed by Angel's attorney: in the suit, Angel claimed instead to have been sprayed by "scalding hot water" after trying to fix his motorhome's water pressure.[1]

Angel appeared and narrated his story to That's Incredible! television program.


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