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Jack Buckby
SyeN7437 400x400.jpg
Buckby outside the Houses of Parliament in 2018
Born (1993-02-10) 10 February 1993 (age 26)
Lancashire, England
Occupationauthor, newscaster, writer, researcher, campaign manager
Years active2012-present
Political partyBNP (before 2013)
Liberty GB (2013–2017)
For Britain (2017–present)[1]

Jack Buckby (born 10 February 1993)[2] is a British politician, author,[3] political activist[4] and researcher. He is a newscaster for Poland Daily, an English-speaking news channel on the Telewizja Republika television network.[5] He joined Anne Marie Waters's 2017 UKIP leadership election campaign team and served as campaign manager.[6] Buckby frequently publishes content that is critical of Islam, multiculturalism and the European Union.[2]

During his time in the BNP, Buckby was widely viewed as a potential successor to BNP leader Nick Griffin, and has been described in media as a "rising star" of the right[7][8][9] and the "boy wonder of the British far-right".[10] Buckby left the BNP in 2013, claiming the party was racist.[11] He joined Liberty GB as a press officer, where he stood for election in the 2014 European elections and as a parliamentary candidate in 2016 Batley and Spen by-election. In October 2017, it was reported that he'd joined new political party For Britain.[1]

Buckby was the founder of the youth group National Culturists.[12] He was formerly a researcher, columnist and contributor for The Rebel Media.[13][1] He has been published in Taki's Magazine[14] and The Spectator.[15] In May 2017, he released his first book A Paradoxical Alliance with American co-author Matt Palumbo. In April 2019, he released his second book Architects of Betrayal.[16]


Buckby claims he was expelled from the University of Liverpool after protesting a lecturer who attempted to justify the murder of Lee Rugby.[17][2] Taki's Magazine reported that he was "removed from his studies for refusing to abide by politically correct school rules".[14]

From July 2017, his collaboration with Anne Marie Waters on her leadership election bid with political party UKIP, began to be covered nationally by media.[18][19][20] The Guardian pointed out that Buckby, a former British National Party member,[21] is barred from ever joining UKIP, and speculated whether this could effect the legitimacy of the campaign.[22] On 30 October 2017, Waters publicly defended Buckby's role in her campaign following ITV's Exposure episode Undercover: Inside Britain's New Far Right.[23]

On 10 September 2017, he attended a Gays Against Sharia march from Temple Meads railway station in Bristol, alongside Paul Weston, Anne Marie Waters and other activists.[24][25] Vice published images of Buckby at the demonstration, referring to him as the "boy wonder of the British far-right" for a second time.[26][10]

On 12 November 2017, Buckby was involved in Poland's annual Independence Day celebration, which saw 60,000 people marching in a procession through the streets of Warsaw.[27]

On 14 April 2018, IGN featured his comments regarding The Simpsons character Apu Nahasapeemapetilon. Defending the show's stereotype, Buckby stated that he'd "never seen a single British person complain about the show's pretty crap portrayal of Brits."[28]

Personal life[edit]

Buckby is engaged to fellow The Rebel Media commentator Martina Markota.[29]


Buckby has been at the centre of several national media controversies.

Jo Cox contested seat[edit]

In June 2016, Buckby received attention from national newspapers,[30][31][32] and wide-ranging criticism for standing in the 2016 Batley and Spen by-election after the murder of MP Jo Cox, claiming the Labour party had "blood on its hands".[33] He drew criticism from Labour MP Jack Dromey, who described the move as "obscene, outrageous and contemptible".[34][35] BBC News noted his intention to stand, despite the commitments from all parliamentary parties to leave the seat uncontested.[36]

Rape comments on Channel 4[edit]

In February 2017, appearing on a Channel 4 live debate,[37] Buckby caused widespread condemnation after he told National Union of Students campaigner, Barbara Ntumy,[38] that "I hope you don't get raped" after challenging Ntumy to "take in" a Syrian refugee.[39][40]

Elections contested[edit]

UK Parliament elections[edit]

Date Constituency Party Votes %
2016 Batley and Spen by-election Liberty GB 220 1.1

European Parliament elections[edit]

Date Constituency Party Votes % Note
2014 South East England Liberty GB 2,494 0.1 Multi-member constituency.
Other candidates: Paul Weston, Enza Ferreri


Year Book Publisher
2017 A Paradoxical Alliance: An Anglo-American Analysis of the Left's Love Affair With Islam[3][41] CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform[42]
2019 Architects of Betrayal: How Parliament Tried to Thwart Brexit, from Chequers to the Meaningful Vote Independently Published


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