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Jack Delinger in 1950

Jack Delinger (born June 22, 1926 - December 28, 1992 in Oakland, California) was an American professional bodybuilder from Oakland, California.[1] He won the 1949 AAU Mr. America and the 1956 Mr. Universe.[2]


At only 16 Delinger began training at the local YMCA. He looked toward John Grimek for his inspiration throughout his training. At Oakland Technical High School,[3] Delinger was a member of his high school's gymnastics team. Soon after, he joined Ed Yarick's gym. Yarick was a man whom Delinger looked up to and was a role model to aspiring bodybuilders. In 1946, Delinger won his first contest, Mr. Northern California. There was no doubt that Delinger had incredible upper body strength but it was noted that his legs were somewhat underdeveloped. However this did not last long. After a lot of hard work, Delinger corrected this problem. In 1949, he went on to win the AAU Mr. America. In 1956, at 30 years of age, Delinger won the NABBA Pro Mr. Universe. Delinger and his wife Loretta went on to open their own gym in Santa Barbara,California and later at Broadway at College Avenue in Oakland, California.


Delinger was married to his wife Loretta Soper. Fifteen months after their marriage, the two had their only child named John. Unfortunately their son died on November 23, 1992 at only 42 years of age from a cerebral brain hemorrhage.


Delinger died on December 28, 1992 from a heart attack.


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